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Renee Vivien

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Men smell of leather. ... The leather of huntsmen, furniture movers, porters.

Renee Vivien

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I was giving a reading at some university. Down in the front row of the auditorium was a young lady in a leather microskirt and a leather microbolero, tied with a leather bootlace, and nothing else whatever. I said, "I have an extremely wide repertory. What would you like — sex, revolution, or mysticism?" She looked up and said quietly, "What’s the difference?"

Kenneth Rexroth

Whenever the circus would come to town, I would tell Ethan all kinds of kinky clown domination stories involving the leather clown, like the time she forced me to have sex with her in the little car, or the time she kept spraying me with the seltzer bottle until I obeyed her every command. Ethan and I would laugh and laugh at these tall tales, but I could tell deep down, he was wondering whether the leather clown was really real or not. And I would let him wonder.

John S. Hall

Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

Emo Philips

Manor Farm forever, I pledge my meat and leather.

John (novelist) Reed

The butt is not a magical place that only gay people can visit, like a leather bar or the Liberace Museum.

Dan Savage
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