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Business Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Henry S. Haskins | Business Quotes
The man who has a dogmatic creed has more time left for his business.
D. H. Lawrence
I hold that the parentheses are by far the most important parts of a non-business letter.
Leo Burnett
I am often asked how I got into the business. I didn't. The business got into me.

Gertrude Stein
It is awfully important to know what is and what is not your business.
John Dryden
Of seeming arms to make a short essay,
Then hasten to be drunk ó the business of the day.
Charlie Sheen | Business Quotes
Dan Raad means Business...
Richard Branson
One thing is certain in business. You and everyone around you will make mistakes.
Kirstie Alley
You are not in business to be popular.
Benny Hill
That's what show business is--sincere insincerity.
Abraham Polonsky
What do you mean "gangsters"? It's business.
The poet's business is not to save the soul of man but to make it worth saving.

Philip Stanhope
Without some dissimulation no business can be carried on at all.
Martha Beall Mitchell
I don't believe in that "no comment" business. I always have a comment.
Vicente Fox
Change will not come from above, it will come from below, from the small and medium size businesspeople..
Jack Vance
Another busy day! So letís to business. The clock moves forward; wasted time is life defeated!
Alfred Bester | Business Quotes
He awoke. He was alive. He wasted no time on prayer or thanks but continued the business of survival.
Keith Ferrazzi
People who instinctively establish a strong network of relationships have always created great businesses.
Paul Tsongas
You cannot be pro-jobs and anti-business at the same time. You cannot love employment and hate employers.
Michel de Montaigne
Let us give Nature a chance; she knows her business better than we do.
Bill Gates
[Gates] apparently has made more money than anyone else his age, ever, in any business.

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