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Business Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Tom Clancy | Business Quotes
I'm a spy... I worked for the CIA 15 years. The cover was I worked for the insurance business.
Oscar Wilde
My own business always bores me to death. I prefer other people's.
Jack Valenti
I donít know any other business that tells you not to go in and buy their product.

Paul Tsongas
You cannot be pro-jobs and anti-business at the same time. You cannot love employment and hate employers.
Ted Malloch
Profitability is the consequence of doing business in the right way, to honor God.
Elliott Smith | Business Quotes
I think the music business will eventually crush me, but I [smiles]... I'm ready.
Peter F. Drucker
There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer.
Keith Ferrazzi
People who instinctively establish a strong network of relationships have always created great businesses.
John Wayne
I eat as much as I ever did, I drink more than I should, and my sex life is none of your goddamned business.
George Savile
The first mistake belonging to business is the going into it.
Charlie Sheen | Business Quotes
Dan Raad means Business...

Robert Gates
Most governments lie to each other. Thatís the way business gets done.
Business is the salt of life.
Izaak Walton
I have laid aside business, and gone a-fishing.
Thomas Fuller (writer)
Boldness in Business is the first, second, and third thing.
Bud Selig | Business Quotes
The one thing we know today is we can't continue to do business the way we have in the past.
Benjamin Graham
Investment is most intelligent when it is most businesslike.
Mike Tyson
In a 2005 post-fight interview Tyson described boxing as "the hurt business."
Thomas Parnell
Remote from man, with God he passed the days;
Prayer all his business, all his pleasure praise.
John Lancaster Spalding
When pleasure is made a business, it ceases to be pleasure.

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