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Business Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Dwight L. Moody | Business Quotes
The last business of Christ's life was the saving of a poor penitent thief.
Philip Stanhope
Without some dissimulation no business can be carried on at all.
Benny Hill
That's what show business is--sincere insincerity.

Patrick Dixon
Business strategy is the battleplan for a better future.
Philip Stanhope
Dispatch is the soul of business.
Northrop Frye | Business Quotes
If you haven't got an excremental vision you have no business setting up as a major satirist. (2:578-9)
William Congreve
It is the business of a comic poet to paint the vices and follies of human kind.
Alfred Bester
He awoke. He was alive. He wasted no time on prayer or thanks but continued the business of survival.
Tom DeMarco
While the machines have changes enormously, the business of software development has been rather static.
Omid Djalili
What do you call an honest Iranian businessman? Asif.
Abraham Polonsky | Business Quotes
What do you mean "gangsters"? It's business.

John Kenneth Galbraith
A businessman who reads Business Week is lost to fame. One who reads Proust is marked for greatness.
George Savile
The first mistake belonging to business is the going into it.
Thomas Fuller (writer)
To believe a Business impossible, is the Way to make it so.
Steve Jobs
They're babes in the woods. I think I can help turn Alvy and Ed into businessmen.
Rupert Murdoch | Business Quotes
After all, we are in the entertainment business.
I've been in the business for 11 years… I guess time flies when your having fun!
Florence Scovel Shinn
No man is a success in business unless he loves his work.
Ted Malloch
Profitability is the consequence of doing business in the right way, to honor God.
Bill Watterson
Such is American business, I guess, where the desire for obscene profit mutes any discussion of conscience.

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