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How many people live on the reputation of the reputation they might have made!
Werner Herzog
Often he was a joy, and you know, he was one of the few people I ever learned anything from.
Chris Rock
Comedy is the blues for people who can't sing.

Roscoe Arbuckle
I don't believe there is any finer mission on earth than just to make people laugh.
We must as second best, as people say, take the least of the evils.
Andrew Johnson | People Quotes
The goal to strive for is a poor government but a rich people.
Holy Prophet Muhammad
Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to people.
Guy de Maupassant
It is the encounters with people that make life worth living.
L. Ron Hubbard
Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free— he is in his own trap.
Booker T. Washington
Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.
Jimmy Kimmel | People Quotes
There were a lot of people who didn't think we'd get to this milestone.

John Mayer
I won't ever get on stage at a comedy club when people know about it.
Among the appliances to transform the people, sound and appearances are but trivial influences.
[Malipiero's advice to Casanova.] If you want to make people laugh, your face must remain serious.
Ted Ginn
He's pretty special. He's probably a little bit better on nine toes than most people are on 10.
Banksy | People Quotes
People who get up early in the morning cause war, death and famine.
Max Stirner
Liberty of the people is not my liberty!
Bertolt Brecht
This is the year which people will talk about
This is the year which people will be silent about.
Denis Diderot
Happiest are the people who give most happiness to others.
James Branch Cabell
You touch on a disheartening truth. People never want to be told anything they do not believe already.

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