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Morrissey | People Quotes
JU: Are you thin still?
M: Um, in a crowd, yes. In a crowd of very heavy people.
Larry Wall
 : What do people think?
What, do people think?  :-)
Robert Kilroy-Silk
A country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies.

Milton Friedman
Friedman, go home! Friedman, go home! Long live the people of Chile! Freedom! Stop the capitalism!
Julie Andrews
Hopefully, I brought people a certain joy. That will be a wonderful legacy.
Theodore Roosevelt | People Quotes
The Rights of the People to Rule (March 20, 1912)Carnegie Hall New York City.
Roscoe Arbuckle
I don't believe there is any finer mission on earth than just to make people laugh.
Celia Green
It is superfluous to be humble on one's own behalf; so many people are willing to do it for one.
John Derbyshire
Most people are not intellectuals a fact that intellectuals have terrible trouble coming to terms with.
Bode Miller
It is other people who want me to win medals.
Steve Ballmer | People Quotes
Most people still steal music.

Cassandra Clare
Jace Wayland: "Romanian? That's impressive, not many people speak it."
Johnny Thunders
A lot of people want to die for a lot of reasons.
Andrei Tarkovsky
I am only interested in the views of two people: one is called Bresson and one called Bergman.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
There are very many people who read simply to prevent themselves from thinking.
Simon Blackburn | People Quotes
Why should thinkers mock the simple pieties of the people?
Margaret Caroline Anderson
People with heavy physical vibrations rule the world.
Cesare Pavese
If all this were true, how easy it would be to understand people.
Anais Nin
People living deeply have no fear of death.
Louis Nizer
Some people will believe anything if you whisper it to them.

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