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Music Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Thomas Mann | Music Quotes
“Beer, tobacco, and music,” he went on. “Behold the Fatherland.”
Denis Diderot
Good music is very close to primitive language.
Paul Simon
And sometimes even music
Cannot substitute for tears.

Rory Gallagher
An uncompromisingly serious musician.
Ralph Vaughan Williams
The art of music above all the other arts is the expression of the soul of a nation.
Igor Stravinsky | Music Quotes
"My music is best understood by children and animals."
Andrew Sega
I have a love for cheesy music. I don't want to list any bands and embarrass myself ;D
Ralph Vaughan Williams
The duty of the words is to say just as much as the music has left unsaid and no more.
Jean Paul
Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.
Andrew Sega
I find a lot of club music extremely boring.
M.I.A. | Music Quotes
Havana Brown (DJ): "I love M.I.A, her music is so unique and brave." (November 2010)

John Frusciante
Pagers are my life--I try to get them in to our music as much as possible.
Thomas Fuller (preacher)
Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilised into time and tune.
Patrick Allen
In 1885 we invented music television. We just didn't bother telling anybody.
Clifford Odets
Music is the great cheer-up in the language of all countries.
Johannes Tinctoris | Music Quotes
Rhythmical music is that which is made by instruments which render the sound by touch.
Neil Young
Live music is better! Bumper stickers should be issued!
Roger Waters
"Well, anyway, I am one of the best five writers to come out of English music since the War."
Joanna MacGregor
As a musician you can cover everything. I'm not just a concert pianist.
Rachel Trachtenburg
"I'm learning to play piano. And also the musical saw."

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