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Heinrich Heine | Music Quotes
When words leave off, music begins.
Fred Astaire
Q: What great singers of the past do you wish had sung your music?
Gloria Estefan
I cannot imagine a world without music. It would be . . . well, I cannot imagine it.

Ezra Pound
Poets who are not interested in music are, or become, bad poets.
"Now that I got everyone's attention, what do I have to say?" (VH1 Behind The Music)
Shaun Ryder | Music Quotes
Do I think the Mondays will go down in musical history? I couldn't give a fuck!
Lawrence Durrell
Music was invented to confirm human loneliness.
Joanna MacGregor
As a musician you can cover everything. I'm not just a concert pianist.
Aaron Copland
If you want to know about the Sixties, play the music of The Beatles.
George Steiner
A good deal of classical music is, today, the opium of the good citizen.
Tennessee Williams | Music Quotes
In memory everything seems to happen to music.

Neil Young
Live music is better! Bumper stickers should be issued!
Heinrich Heine
Music is a strange thing. I would almost say it is a miracle.
Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean
Demonstrated mastery of the instrument, deep musical insights and stylistic understanding ... extraordinary.
Daniel Theaker
The transmission of musical impulse through gesture.
Mixmaster Morris | Music Quotes
Punk was predicated on non-musicianship.
Philip Oakey
"The Human League, Someday all music will be made like this!" and it is!
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The music that can deepest reach,
And cure all ill, is cordial speech.
Katie Melua
Dancing is an important function of music, but so is crying.
Mixmaster Morris
If you're going to make music, you need to find the context in which it might be enjoyed.

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