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Jaani Peuhu | Music Quotes
Homosexual music for catholic girls.
Marshall McLuhan
The divorce of poetry and music was first reflected by the printed page.
It is not easy to determine the nature of music, or why anyone should have a knowledge of it.

Thomas Mann
“Beer, tobacco, and music,” he went on. “Behold the Fatherland.”
Weird Al Yankovic
Right now I'm listening to a lot of Top 40 music, because THAT'S MY JOB.
Thomas Aquinas | Music Quotes
Music is the exaltation of the mind derived from things eternal, bursting forth in sound.
David Byrne
It's not music you would use to get a girl into bed. If anything, you're going to frighten her off.
"Now that I got everyone's attention, what do I have to say?" (VH1 Behind The Music)
Paz de la Huerta
I feel the popular music of a certain time really tells you a lot about what life was like in that period.
Andrew Sega
I find a lot of club music extremely boring.
Garth Brooks | Music Quotes
If you do it for the money you won't last very long, because money is the opposite of music.

Carl Barat
If you've lost your faith in love and music, oh, the end won't be long.
John Cage
I remember loving sound before I ever took a music lesson. And so we make our lives by what we love.
Roger Waters
"Well, anyway, I am one of the best five writers to come out of English music since the War."
Charles Ives
Music is one of the ways that God has of beating in on man.
Billy Corgan | Music Quotes
Great music completely obliterates any conceptions of genre.
Antonio Vivaldi
Se questa non piace, non voglio pi? scrivere di musica.
Rufus Choate
We join ourselves to no party that does not carry the flag, and keep step to the music of the Union.
Mixmaster Morris
Punk was predicated on non-musicianship.
Chuck D: "She is the future of music, and the future is here."

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