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Age Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

William Shakespeare | Age Quotes
He was not of an age, but for all time!
Harold Innis
The Middle Ages burned its heretics and the modern age threatens them with atom bombs.
Oliver Goldsmith
How happy he who crowns in shades like these,
A youth of labour with an age of ease.

Evelyn Waugh
Only when one has lost all curiosity about the future has one reached the age to write an autobiography.
Mary McCarthy
Every age has a keyhole to which its eye is pasted.
Aphra Behn | Age Quotes
One hour of right-down love is worth an age of dully living on.
James Russell Lowell
All thoughts that mould the age begin
Deep down within the primitive soul.
Mignon McLaughlin
Women are the right age for just a few years; men, for most of their lives.
Old age is second childhood.
Zach Galifianakis
At what age do you think it's appropriate to tell a highway it's adopted?
Mamie Van Doren | Age Quotes
Iíve never acted my age and I never will. Itís just the way Iíve always been.

Lois McMaster Bujold
One learns better than to hand one's choices to fear. With age, with every wound and scar, one learns.
Georg Brandes
The educator shall help the young to educate themselves in opposition to the age.
Chris Shays
We made a mistake lowering the voting age to 18. I think it happened basically out of guilt.
Charles Dickens
Of all the Victorian novelists, he was probably the most antagonistic to the Victorian age itself.
Even truth needs to be clad in new garments if it is to appeal to a new age.
Simone De Beauvoir
What is an adult? A child blown up by age.
Albert Einstein
Perfection of means and confusion of goals seemóin my opinionóto characterize our age.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
One age misunderstands another; and a petty age misunderstands all the others in its own ugly way.
Shahrukh Khan
See, these things like enmity and fighting... I donít think I am at that age anymore.

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