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Bill Watterson | Science Quotes
Such is American business, I guess, where the desire for obscene profit mutes any discussion of conscience.
Claude Bernard
Science repulses the indefinite.
Stanislaw Leszczynski
Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason.

Nikola Tesla
Tesla has contributed more to electrical science than any man up to his time.
Michael Faraday
Faraday is, and must always remain, the father of that enlarged science of electro-magnetism.
If people realize the value of science and knowledge, they will sacrifice themselves for earning it.
Peg Bracken
If the author is so interested in Science, why doesn't she take a course in it?
Thomas Samuel Kuhn
Only when they must choose between competing theories do scientists behave like philosophers.
Joe Hill
I die with a clear conscience, I die fighting, not like a coward.
Alan Turing
Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition.
Edsger W. Dijkstra | Science Quotes
You probably know that arrogance, in computer science, is measured in nanodijkstras.

Kurt Vonnegut
To be
the eyes
and ears
and conscience
of the Creator of the Universe,
you fool.
Peter Mere Latham
The practice of physic is jostled by quacks on the one side, and by science on the other.
Marshall McLuhan
Mysticism is just tomorrow’s science dreamed today.
Georg Buchner
A good man with a good conscience doesn’t walk so fast.
L. Ron Hubbard | Science Quotes
You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.
Jerry Coyne
In religion, faith is a virtue. In science, faith is a vice.
Bertrand Russell
Oh, Bertrand Russell! Oh, Hewlett Johnson! Where, oh where, was your flaming conscience at that time?
The goal of science is to build better mousetraps. The goal of nature is to build better mice.
Musa al-Kadhim
Learn sciences which offer you both your corrective destinies and corrective threats.

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