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Science Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Jacob Bronowski | Science Quotes
The symbol and the metaphor are as necessary to science as to poetry.
Michel de Montaigne
We only labor to stuff the memory, and leave the conscience and the understanding unfurnished and void.
I am the enfant terrible of literature and science.

Robert Louis Stevenson
There's just ae thing I cannae bear,
An' that's my conscience.
Halldor Laxness
A man's conscience is an unsteady judge of right and wrong.
Wislawa Szymborska | Science Quotes
On this third planet from the sun
among the signs of bestiality
a clear conscience is Number One.
Sigmund Freud
Conscience is the internal perception of the rejection of a particular wish operating within us.
Claude Bernard
Science increases our power in proportion as it lowers our pride.
Saul Gorn
Science vs. Technology: We should know why things must act as they do, to make them act as we want them to.
Kim Stanley Robinson
Science was many things, Nadia thought, including a weapon with which to hit other scientists.
Vladimir Lenin | Science Quotes
I absolutely do not pretend in the slightest fashion to knowledge of military science.

Ashley Montagu
Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof.
Peter Mere Latham
The practice of physic is jostled by quacks on the one side, and by science on the other.
Max Planck
Science advances one funeral at a time.
Mario Vargas Llosa
A clean conscience might help you to get into heaven. but it won't help your career.
Bertrand Russell | Science Quotes
Science is what we know, and philosophy is what we don't know.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nobody has any conscience about adding to the improbabilities of a marvelous tale.
Richard Feynman
Tell your son to stop trying to fill your head with science — for to fill your heart with love is enough.
Wystan Hugh Auden
Without Art, we should have no notion of the sacred; without Science, we should always worship false gods.
James Beattie
By the glare of false science betray’d,
That leads to bewilder, and dazzles to blind.

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