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Love Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Joseph Heller | Love Quotes
It was love at first sight. The first time Yossarian saw the chaplain he fell madly in love with him.
Vanna Bonta
Love consults itself.
Cesare Pavese
Love has the faculty of making two lovers seem naked, not in each other's sight, but in their own.

Ozzy Osbourne
We're the Osbournes, and I love it.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Chameleons feed on light and air:
Poets' food is love and fame.
Sophocles | Love Quotes
They are not wise, then, who stand forth to buffet against Love; for Love rules the gods as he will, and me.
Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
My greatest strength is the love for my people, my greatest weakness is that I love them too much.
Antonio Porchia
Whoever loves knowing why they love, doesn’t love.
John Knowles
Nothing endures, not a tree, not love, not even a death by violence.
Jonathan Swift | Love Quotes
I love good creditable acquaintance; I love to be the worst of the company.

Love is the sweetest pain inside.
musical group Devo
Love without anger isn't love at all.
John Green
"As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep; Slowly, and then all at once."
John Gower
It hath and schal ben everemor
That love is maister wher he wile.
Yahia Lababidi | Love Quotes
In life, as in love, graceful leave-taking is the epitome of gratitude.
George Herbert
He that hath love in his brest hath spurres in his sides.
Colley Cibber
Our hours in love have wings; in absence, crutches.
Richard Hovey
There is no sorrow like a love denied
Nor any joy like love that has its will.
Alexander Pope
Let such, such only tread this sacred floor,
Who dare to love their country and be poor.

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