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Love Quotes - random

Dante Alighieri | Love Quotes
Love hath so long possessed me for his own
And made his lordship so familiar.
John of the Cross
There is nothing better or more necessary than love.
Edmond Rostand
I loved but once, yet twice I lose my love!

Bertolt Brecht
War is like love, it always finds a way.
Cesare Pavese
Love has the faculty of making two lovers seem naked, not in each other's sight, but in their own.
Theocritus | Love Quotes
Faults are beauties, when survey'd by love.
Eric Idle
American Beer is a lot like making love on a canoe - it's fucking close to water.
George Etherege
Next to the coming to a good understanding with a new mistress, I love a quarrel with an old one.
Alexander Rybak
Don`t promise me forever, just love me day by day.
George Santayana
To call war the soil of courage and virtue is like calling debauchery the soil of love.
Kuruvilla Pandikattu | Love Quotes
By sharing it [love] grows/ By giving it up it nurtures/ By dying it deepens./ By being it becomes.

William Congreve
If this be not love, it is madness, and then it is pardonable.
John Lennon
I want you to make love, not war I know you've heard it before.
Steve Maraboli
In a strong relationship, you should love your companion more than you need them.
Erica Jong
Love is love, but marriage is an investment.
Paul McCartney | Love Quotes
To lead a better life,
I need my love to be here.
Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.
James Carville
John McCain, if you liked the last eight, you are going to love the next four.
Mignon McLaughlin
It is a feeling at once stimulating and flat, to know that someone you do not love is in love with you.
Susan Sarandon
Making love is like hitting a baseball. You just gotta relax and concentrate.

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