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Movie Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Paul Hogan | Movie Quotes
I didn't get into entertainment until I was like 31. I didn't star in a movie until I was 46.
Roger Ebert
This movie was made by professionals. Do not attempt any of this behavior yourself.
Akira Toriyama
Drunken Master (the first one). If I hadn't seen this movie, I would never have come up with Dragonball.

Roger Ebert
I would rather eat a golf ball than see this movie again.
Quentin Tarantino
I am a genre lover – everything from spaghetti western to samurai movie.
Edmund Landau | Movie Quotes
Die Zahlentheorie ist nützlich, weil man mit ihr promovieren kann.
Werner Herzog
I shouldn't make movies anymore. I should go to a lunatic asylum.
Roger Ebert
There is a word for this movie, and that word is: Ick.
AnnaSophia Robb
I kept all my gum from the movie... It's about as big as a softball.
Pauline Kael
The action genre has always had a fascist potential, and it surfaces in this movie.
Cassandra Clare | Movie Quotes
"It was like a bad movie, except he didn't actually twirl his mustache."

Jack Thompson
"Hooah, Hooah, Hooah" Jack Thompson's favorite movie is Scent of a Woman.
Jane Espenson
Movies are always made by committees, and the writer is not at the head of the committee. Thus, mush.
Jamie Uys
Sex is not necessary to make a movie sell. It's enough to have a pretty girl in the movie.
Natasha Lyonne
I’m a movie star. Can I talk to my entertainment lawyer?
Ethan Hawke | Movie Quotes
...But the truth is, I've never wanted to be a movie star - and I've been pretty clear about that.
Abby Sunderland
It was like a horrible movie clip, only worse, because I could feel it—not just see it.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates is a monocle and a Persian cat away from being the villain in a James Bond movie.
Roger Ebert
Why did they give an R rating to a movie perfect for teenagers?
Jamie Uys
He is the most consistently successful South African movie maker around, firmly cornering the giggle market.

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