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Movie Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Phil Vischer | Movie Quotes
Thanks for coming! And, I have to make another movie, now.
Werner Herzog
I shouldn't make movies anymore. I should go to a lunatic asylum.
Jean Kerr
Movie actors are just ordinary mixed-up people with agents.

Pauline Kael
The action genre has always had a fascist potential, and it surfaces in this movie.
Paul Hogan
I didn't get into entertainment until I was like 31. I didn't star in a movie until I was 46.
Rita Hayworth | Movie Quotes
Movies were much better in the days when I was doing them.
Roger Ebert
Parents: If you encounter teenagers who say they liked this movie, do not let them date your children.
Roman Polanski
I want people to go to the movies. I am the man of the spectacle. I'm playing.
Pauline Kael
If you can't make fun of bad movies on serious subjects, what's the point?
Murray Kempton
"One does not attend this movie [The Ten Commandments]; one enlists in it."
Michael Gambon | Movie Quotes
Theatre actors are just tolerated. You have to be a movie star to be a celebrity.

Paul Reubens
There were just things in Disney movies that probably were too scary for kids.
Roger Ebert
I would rather eat a golf ball than see this movie again.
Michael Moore
I just decided to make a movie. I had no training, no film school, but I had been to a lot of movies.
Christoffer Boe
I liked movies so much that they became an obsession. I am still trying to kick the habit.
Orlando Bloom | Movie Quotes
I haven't been like, "Is there a sword in that movie? All right, I'll do it!"
Akira Toriyama
Drunken Master (the first one). If I hadn't seen this movie, I would never have come up with Dragonball.
Craig Ferguson
By the way, _____ was the name of a movie I accidentally watched in a hotel room twenty or thirty times.
Jane Espenson
Movies are always made by committees, and the writer is not at the head of the committee. Thus, mush.
Robert DeNiro
These movies are like my children, except you can't remake my children in 3D to push up the grosses.

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