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Movie Quotes - random

Marc Maron | Movie Quotes
Pearl Harbor the movie, arguably, was worse than the invasion itself.
Jean Kerr
Movie actors are just ordinary mixed-up people — with agents.
Robert DeNiro
These movies are like my children, except you can't remake my children in 3D to push up the grosses.

Roman Polanski
I want people to go to the movies. I am the man of the spectacle. I'm playing.
Roger Ebert
I would rather eat a golf ball than see this movie again.
Stephanie Zacharek | Movie Quotes
It's mournful and troubling in a way that goes beyond ordinary movie manipulation. It burns clean.
Nancy Reagan
The movies were custard compared to politics.
Natasha Lyonne
I’m a movie star. Can I talk to my entertainment lawyer?
Orson Welles
It's about two percent movie-making and ninety-eight percent hustling. It's no way to spend a life.
Edmund Landau
Die Zahlentheorie ist nützlich, weil man mit ihr promovieren kann.
Sandra Bullock | Movie Quotes
Everyone told me to pass on Speed because it was a "bus movie".

That movie about Cazuza looks like an episode of Malhaç?o. The 1980s rock music was junk.
Lauren Bacall
It's not an old movie if you haven't seen it.
Craig Ferguson
By the way, _____ was the name of a movie I accidentally watched in a hotel room twenty or thirty times.
Jessica Mae Stover
Hollywood doesn’t make movies anymore, they make licensing platforms.
Jamie Uys | Movie Quotes
I often sneak into the cinema and watch how the audience are reacting to my movie. It teaches me so much.
Roger Ebert
This movie was made by professionals. Do not attempt any of this behavior yourself.
Robert Mitchum
Movies bore me, especially my own.
Roger Ebert
There is a word for this movie, and that word is: Ick.
Richard Jeni
The title of this movie should be "Here's a Fish. You're Stupid."

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