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Death Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

James Thomson | Death Quotes
Cruel as death, and hungry as the grave.
It is a good thing
To escape from death, but it is not great pleasure
To bring death to a friend.
Michel de Montaigne
The ceaseless labour of your life is to build the house of death.

William Saroyan
I believe there are ways whose ends are life instead of death.
Henri Barbusse
Two armies at death-grips — that is one great army committing suicide.
Joseph Addison | Death Quotes
Death only closes a Man's Reputation, and determines it as good or bad.
Leonardo da Vinci
As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.
Hans Christian Andersen
Death walks faster than the wind and never returns what he has taken.
James Howell
There's fence against all things except death.
Friedrich Nietzsche
A witticism is an epigram on the death of a feeling.
Edward Young | Death Quotes
Less base the fear of death than fear of life.

Thomas Pynchon
Death glided by, shadowless, among the empties on the grass.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection.
Wystan Hugh Auden
Thoughts of his own death,
like the distant roll
of thunder at a picnic.
Ernest Renan
The greatest men of a nation are those it puts to death.
Cato the Elder | Death Quotes
Do not expect good from another's death.
Emiliano Zapata
Prefer death on your feet to living on your knees.
No evil can happen to a good man, neither in life nor after death.
Theodosius Dobzhansky
Man is the only living being who has a developed self-awareness and death-awareness.
Khalid ibn al-Walid
He is a master of war; a friend of death. He has the dash of a lion and the patience of a cat !

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