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Money Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Steve Maraboli | Money Quotes
We must transcend the illusion that money or power has any bearing on our worthiness as children of God.
John Lennon
No ó we need money first.
Leo Tolstoy
Giving alms is only a virtuous deed when you give money that you yourself worked to get.

When once enthusiasm has been turned into ridicule, everything is undone except money and power.
James Richardson
Your choices: spend, and believe in things; save, and believe in money.
Karl Marx | Money Quotes
Money is therefore not only the object but also the fountainhead of greed.
Periyar E. V. Ramasamy
Money lending is a horrible profession. If we are to call it otherwise it is lawful plundering.
Federico Fellini
Money is everywhere but so is poetry. What we lack are the poets.
William Somerset Maugham
He had heard people speak contemptuously of money: he wondered if they had ever tried to do without it.
Rita Rudner
Money is the root of all jewelry.
Andy Kessler (author) | Money Quotes
You can't ever forget how precarious and humbling running money really is.

Benjamin Franklin
Remember that time is money.
Lil Wayne
If time is money, I'm an hour past paid.
Tom Baker
The only imperfection in life then was that we didn't really have much money.
Robbie Williams
Don't throw me teddy-bears, I'm 23! I'm a man! Throw me condoms or money! Paper, not coins.
Louis CK | Money Quotes
They charged me 15 dollars. That's how much it costs to only have 20 dollars.
Joe Frazier
Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.
Joseph Addison
They were a people so primitive they did not know how to get money, except by working for it.
Thomas Fuller (writer)
'Tis Money, that begets Money.
Oscar Wilde
There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor.

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