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Life Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

David Brin | Life Quotes
Life is not fair...Anyone who says it is, or even that it ought to be, is a fool or worse.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Ideas too are a life and a world.
Dionysius I of Syracuse
So, Damocles, since this life delights you, do you wish to taste it yourself and make trial of my fortune?

Jack Terricloth
You should live your life with an emphasis on accruing experiences and becoming cooler.
Benjamin Disraeli
In death he remains as he was in life. All show with no substance.
Pindar | Life Quotes
Do not yearn, O my soul, for immortal life!
Use to the utmost
the skill that is yours.
Gaston Bachelard
To live life well is to express life poorly; if one expresses life too well, one is living it no longer.
John Templeton
High ethics and religious principles form the basis for success and happiness in every area of life.
Mae West
It's not the men in your life that matters, it's the life in your men.
Edmund Cooper
There is no other god but life. Life is the only holy thing. And when that goes that is the death of God.
Mohsen Rezaee | Life Quotes
The American empire is hovering between life and death.

Life has a value only when it has something valuable as its object.
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Life is the lust of a lamp for the light that is dark till the dawn of the day that we die.
1st Duke of Wellington
I never saw so many shocking bad hats in my life.
Ed Byrne
Sometimes in your everyday life, you should say the right thing. But the wrong thing is funnier.
Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.
Tom Robbins emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on heaven is to create hell.
Lord Byron
The poor dog, in life the firmest friend,
The first to welcome, foremost to defend.
Don Miller
Life is too complicated to use analogies to describe it.
Jorge Luis Borges
In life, he suffered from a sense of unreality, as do many Englishmen.

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