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Life Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Kate Bush | Life Quotes
All young gentle dreams drowning
In life's grief
Can you hang on to me?
Edward Young
That life is long which answers life's great end.
Vanna Bonta
It is indisputable that evolved thinking recognizes the universality of Life.

Theodore Roosevelt
The light has gone out of my life.
Kingsley Amis
It was no wonder that people were so horrible when they started life as children.
Madonna Ciccone | Life Quotes
Madonna: "I am a sick fuck I have my nose in everybody's sex life!"
George Bernard Shaw
Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.
Lance Armstrong
Life, to me, is a series of false limits and my challenge as an athlete is to explore those limits on a bike.
Ted Malloch
The laws of economic life are subject to the eternal laws of spiritual capital.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
The world and life are one. (5.621)
Yahia Lababidi | Life Quotes
In life, as in love, graceful leave-taking is the epitome of gratitude.

Lupe Fiasco
Flowers she would pick like guitar strings, for a real good whiff of how how life behind par seems.
Hans Hofmann
Being inexhaustible, life and nature are a constant stimulus for a creative mind.
Little Richard
The most exciting moment of my life was appearing on the same stage as Little Richard.
Mignon McLaughlin
When we first fall in love, we feel that we know all there is to know about life, and perhaps we are right.
Edmund Cooper | Life Quotes
There is no other god but life. Life is the only holy thing. And when that goes that is the death of God.
Lillian Smith (author)
Segregation is evil; there is no pattern of life which can dehumanize men as can the way of segregation.
Leonardo da Vinci
The motive power is the cause of all life.
Vanna Bonta
Quantum fiction is any story that witnesses life and the human experience on a subatomic level.
Edith Sitwell
The poet speaks to all men of that other life of theirs that they have smothered and forgotten.

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