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Life Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

George du Maurier | Life Quotes
Life ain’t all beer and skittles, and more’s the pity; but what’s the odds, so long as you’re happy?
Stevie Wonder
For once in my life
I have someone who needs me,
Someone I needed so long.
Henrik Ibsen
Oh courage...oh yes! If only one had that...Then life might be livable, in spite of everything.

Henryk Sienkiewicz
Life deserves laughter, hence people laugh at it.
Angus Wilson
The impulse to write a novel comes from a momentary unified vision of life.
Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.
Scott Adams
Life is half delicious yogurt, half crap, and your job is to keep the plastic spoon in the yogurt.
Gene Wolfe
What little I have learned in the course of a long life, regarding the gods, I have tried to forget.
Barbara Kingsolver
Every minute with a child takes seven minutes off your life.
[T]hose who do not love [life] are unworthy of it.
F. E. Smith | Life Quotes
Churchill has spent the best years of his life preparing impromptu remarks.

Total absence of humor renders life impossible.
Woody Allen
A lot of things have happened in my private life recently that I thought we could review tonight.
George Bernard Shaw
Life is not meant to be easy, my child but take courage: it can be delightful.
Robert South
A man's life is an appendix to his heart.
Rutherford B. Hayes | Life Quotes
The melancholy thing in our public life is the insane desire to get higher.
Charles Darwin
As for a future life, every man must judge for himself between conflicting vague probabilities.
Ray Bradbury
Life is like underwear, should be changed twice a day.
Ralston Bowles
"I just believe that life is more than rehearsing how to die."
Matthew Arnold
Everything in our political life tends to hide from us that there is anything wiser than our ordinary selves.

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