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Life Quotes - random

John Keats | Life Quotes
O for a life of Sensations rather than of Thoughts!
Thomas Fuller (writer)
While there is Life, there is Hope.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
O thou child of many prayers!
Life hath quicksands; life hath snares!

Benoit Mandelbrot
For most of my life, one of the persons most baffled by my own work was myself.
George Walter Thornbury
Manís life is but a jest,
A dream, a shadow, bubble, air, a vapor at the best.
musical group Devo | Life Quotes
Life must be eaten or at least bitten into to get past the surface.
Mae West
It's not the men in your life that matters, it's the life in your men.
Thomas Carlyle
A well-written Life is almost as rare as a well-spent one.
John Lennon
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
Herman Melville
Many sensible things banished from high life find an asylum among the mob.
Stephen Hawking | Life Quotes
Life would be tragic if it weren't funny.

Savage Garden
I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life..
Arthur Schopenhauer
Life is a business that does not cover the costs.
Henrik Ibsen
There can be no freedom or beauty about a home life that depends on borrowing and debt.
Fernando Pessoa
That's not my love; that's just your life.
Swami Vivekananda | Life Quotes
Strength is Life, Weakness is death.
Fred Astaire
He's a genius...a classical dancer like I never saw in my life.
[H]appy or miserable, life is the only blessing which man possesses[.]
Jane Wagner
I bet the worst part about dying is the part where your whole life passes before you.
Blake Lewis
If you don't take risks in life, you'll never see anything new.

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