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Parenting Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Orson Scott Card | Parenting Quotes
I don't know you, ma'am, and apparently I'm expected to die for you.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
We write not only for children but also for their parents. They, too, are serious children.
Bill Allred
Apparently they have The Clap at The Planetarium.

"Reverence for parents" stands written among the three laws of most revered righteousness.
Edith Wharton
The worst of doing one's duty was that it apparently unfitted one for doing anything else.
J. D. Salinger | Parenting Quotes
For joy, apparently, it was all Franny could do to hold the phone, even with both hands.
Warren Farrell
Our children are better served by speaking not of visitation versus custody, but of parent time.
Edmund Cooper
Behind the apparent unreason there is reason.
Rachel Trachtenburg
Interviewer: How long do your parents usually let you stay up?
Ogden Nash
Children aren't happy with nothing to ignore,
And that's what parents were created for.
Steven M. Greer | Parenting Quotes
My parents believed that if you couldn't put it in a test tube, it didn't exist.

Ethan Nadelmann
We won't win until the average parent believes drug reform protects kids better than the war on drugs.
Bill Gates
[Gates] apparently has made more money than anyone else his age, ever, in any business.
Arthur C. Clarke
Belief in God is apparently a psychological artifact of mammalian reproduction.
Nathaniel Emmons
Style should be like window-glass, perfectly transparent, and with very little sash.
Gore Vidal | Parenting Quotes
Apparently, "conspiracy stuff" is now shorthand for unspeakable truth.
D. H. Lawrence
I hold that the parentheses are by far the most important parts of a non-business letter.
Doris Lessing
Parents should leave books lying around marked "forbidden" if they want their children to read.
Erwin Schrodinger
Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind...
Daniel Defoe
Great families of yesterday we show,
And lords whose parents were the Lord knows who.

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