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Tiruvalluvar | Anger Quotes
Anger kills both laughter and joy;
What greater foe is there than anger?
Stefan Zweig
Anger makes one not only malign but sharp-sighted.
Those who give way to great anger are like the dead:
Those who are free from anger are free from death.

Mark David Chapman
There was no emotion in my blood. There was no anger. There was nothing. It was dead silence in my brain.
Barbara De Angelis
The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.
Anger is one of the sinews of the soul; he that wants it hath a maimed mind.
Depression is anger without enthusiasm. - Steven C
Daniel Webster
Keep cool; anger is not an argument.
Jean-Paul Marat
I am the anger, the just anger of the people, and that is why they listen to me and believe in me.
Orson Scott Card
Denmark nursed that anger and it kept him free.
Desmond Tutu | Anger Quotes
Resentment and anger are bad for your blood pressure and your digestion.

Ali ibn Abi Talib
Anger and desire of vengeance are not going to be of much help to you in your administration.
Anger's my meat; I sup upon myself,
And so shall starve with feeding.
Anais Nin
He was insane with anger. Or is all insanity anger?
Steven Moffat
Do you know how you make someone into a Dalek? Subtract Love, add Anger.
Kelly Osbourne | Anger Quotes
Jack, you have like serious anger management issues.
musical group Devo
Love without anger isn't love at all.
Where two discourse, if the one's anger rise,
The man who lets the contest fall is wise.
The anger of an ape—the threat of a flatterer:—these deserve equal regard.
Augustine of Hippo
Anger is a weed; hate is the tree.

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