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Art Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Karen Blixen | Art Quotes
Real art must always involve some witchcraft.
Jacob Bronowski
Science, like art, is not a copy of nature but a re-creation of her.
Theodore Roethke
Art is the means we have of undoing the damage of haste. It's what everything else isn't.

Amedeo Modigliani
The function of art is to struggle against obligation.
William Blake
The Old and New Testaments are the great code of art.
Madonna | Art Quotes
"I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art."
Jean Fautrier
No piece of art can depict feelings if a piece of reality is not included in it.
Andy Goldsworthy
One of the most engaging artists to emerge from Great Britain in the last decade. ~ Art in America
Alfred North Whitehead
The art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order.
Ralph Richardson
Acting is merely the art of keeping a large number of people from coughing.
Tarik Gunersel | Art Quotes
The art of dying is part of the art of living.

David Hockney
We live in an age where the artist is forgotten. He is a researcher. I see myself that way.
John Henry Cardinal Newman
So living Nature, not dull Art,
Shall plan my ways and rule my heart.
Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
Most arts have produced miracles, while the art of government has produced nothing but monsters.
Al Gore: "I appreciate and respect her as an artist and as a person."
Soutar,William | Art Quotes
Art is for all and the greatest art proves it.
Pauline Kael
Irresponsibility is part of the pleasure of all art; it is the part the schools cannot recognize.
Bertolt Brecht
If art reflects life, it does so with special mirrors.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Religion and art spring from the same root and are close kin. Economics and art are strangers.
Willa Cather
Religion and art spring from the same root and are close kin. Economics and art are strangers.

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