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Art Quotes - random

John Ruskin | Art Quotes
Engraving is, in brief terms, the Art of Scratch.
Richard Franck
Art imitates Nature, and Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
Jesus Christ
Friend, wherefore art thou come?

James Joyce
Art is the human disposition of sensible or intelligible matter for an aesthetic end.
Bertrand Russell
There is an artist imprisoned in each one of us. Let him loose to spread joy everywhere.
Raphael Soyer | Art Quotes
If art is to survive it must describe and express people, their lives and times.
William Saroyan
All great art has madness, and quite a lot of bad art has it, too.
Andrew Marvell
Art indeed is long, but life is short.
Philokleon: Let each man exercise the art he knows.
(tr. Rogers 1909, p. 110)
Allan Kaprow
The line between art and life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps indistinct, as possible.
Wilfrid Sheed | Art Quotes
Both of them were artists with highly developed personas, and hence unreliable witnesses to their own pasts.

Alfred North Whitehead
Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilisation of knowledge.
Alfred North Whitehead
Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment in recognition of the pattern.
God, our Father, has given us the life and the art of healing to protect and maintain it.
Andre Malraux
L'art est un anti-destin.
Charles de Lint | Art Quotes
Life’s like art. You have to work hard to keep it simple and still have meaning.
Sun Tzu
The art of giving orders is not to try to rectify the minor blunders and not to be swayed by petty doubts.
Arthur Symons
All art is a form of artifice.For in art there can be no prejudices.
The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.
Danie Craven
A game of rugby is a work of art!

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