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War Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Joseph Heller | War Quotes
Outside the hospital the war was still going on. Men went mad and were rewarded with medals.
William McKinley
War should never be entered upon until every agency of peace has failed.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
If humans fight the last war, nature fights the next one.

Al Capone
I've been accused of every death except the casualty list of the World War.
Bob Dylan
The words fill my head, and fall to the floor, that if God's on our side, he'll stop the next war.
(Thomas) Woodrow Wilson | War Quotes
Once lead this people into war and they will forget there ever was such a thing as tolerance.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The United States has never entered a serious war, and has never been victorious.
Bob Dylan
Of war and peace the truth just twist, its curfew gull it glides.
Ehud Barak
His knowledge of war has fed a passion for peace.
John Donne
All whom war, dearth, age, agues, tyrannies,
Despair, law, chance, hath slain.
Leymah Gbowee | War Quotes
Regardless of whom you pray to, during war our experiences as a community and as mothers are the same.

Napoleon Bonaparte
In war, character and opinion make more than half of the reality.
Logos is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, surfeit and hunger.
Paul Karl Feyerabend
In a war a totalitarian state has a free hand.
Carl von Clausewitz
...only the element of chance is needed to make war a gamble, and that element is never absent.
Bernard Baruch | War Quotes
Although the shooting war is over, we are in the midst of a cold war which is getting warmer.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Changing from the defensive to the offensive, is one of the most delicate operations in war.
Carl von Clausewitz
War therefore is an act of violence to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.
Karlheinz Deschner
Der Christ hält das Christentum für etwas, das es nie war: für die Lehre Jesu.
Len Deighton
"When old men decided to barter young men for pride and profit, the transaction was called war."

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