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War Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Jean-Baptiste Say | War Quotes
When war becomes a trade, it benefits, like all other trades, from the division of labour.
Larry LeSueur
He was one of the greatest war reporters that there have ever been. -Stanley W. Cloud
Marshall McLuhan
World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.

Tom Clancy
That's the ultimate pornography... There's nothing more pornographic than glorifying war.
John Milton
Peace hath her victories
No less renowned than war.
Rudyard Kipling | War Quotes
Four things greater than all things are,—
Women and Horses and Power and War.
Alexei Panshin
Population pressure is the ultimate cause of every war.
Karlheinz Deschner
Der Christ hält das Christentum für etwas, das es nie war: für die Lehre Jesu.
Napoleon Bonaparte
War is a lottery in which nations ought to risk nothing but small amounts.
Michael Herr
War stories aren't really anything more than stories about people anyway.
Richard Holbrooke | War Quotes
You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan.

Tony Benn
All war represents a failure of diplomacy.
Carl von Clausewitz
War therefore is an act of violence to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.
John Dryden
Thus in a pageant-show a plot is made;
And peace itself is war in masquerade.
Ben Jonson
Still may syllabes jar with time,
Still may reason war with rhyme,
Resting never!
Gerd von Rundstedt | War Quotes
We should have known better after the first war.
Cindy Sheehan
How many more of our loved ones need to die in this senseless war?
Tristan J. Loo
"The instant you call your enemy your partner, the need for war is no longer."
Georges Clemenceau
War is too serious a matter to leave to soldiers.
Carl von Clausewitz
War is an act of violence pushed to its utmost bounds.

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