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War Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Devendra Banhart | War Quotes
I heard somebody say that the war ended today, but everybody knows it's going still.
John Kenneth Galbraith
Truth has anciently been called the first casualty of war. Money may, in fact, have priority.
Napoleon Bonaparte
In war, character and opinion make more than half of the reality.

Guy de Maupassant
Any government has as much of a duty to avoid war as a ship's captain has to avoid a shipwreck.
Joan Baez
I went to jail for 11 days for disturbing the peace; I was trying to disturb the war.
Norman Cousins | War Quotes
War is an invention of the human mind. The human mind can invent peace with justice.
Cindy Sheehan
How many more of our loved ones need to die in this senseless war?
Bernard Baruch
Although the shooting war is over, we are in the midst of a cold war which is getting warmer.
Arthur M. Jolly
Every battle, every war - is fought for things worth dying for.
Kliment Voroshilov
Voroshilov was a hard-riding, hard-drinking military crony of civil-war days.
Robert E. Lee | War Quotes
It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.

W. S. Gilbert
The House of Peers, thoughout the war
Did nothing in particular
And did it very well.
Phillip Guston
(Painting is..) a kind of war between the moment and the pull of memory.(1959)
Michael Herr
War stories aren't really anything more than stories about people anyway.
Francisco Franco
Naomi Mitchison, 1937. Quoted in Valentine Cunningham, Spanish front: writers on the civil war, 1986 (p 227).
Henri Barbusse | War Quotes
Stop war? Impossible! There is no cure for the world's disease.
William Mulock
Watch every tendency towards militarism, for we know that preparation for war leads to war.
"I look upon him as the greatest criminal known for having plunged the world into war."
Cindy Sheehan
"I DEFINITELY think that we should support war resisters in the military."
Bertolt Brecht
What if they gave a war and no one came? Then the war will come to you.

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