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Dreams Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

George Chapman | Dreams Quotes
Man is a torch borne in the wind; a dream
But of a shadow, summ'd with all his substance.
John James Ingalls
The purification of politics is an iridescent dream.
Matt Mullenweg
My own personal dream is that the majority of the web runs on open source software.

Christopher Golden
And even the most pleasant of dreams could be painful under the light of the morning sun.
Marshall McLuhan
Mysticism is just tomorrow’s science dreamed today.
Langston Hughes | Dreams Quotes
There’s a certain
amount of traveling
in a dream deferred.
Anais Nin
We are beginning to see the influence of dream upon reality and reality upon dream.
Zadie Smith
Ryan's freckles were a join-the-dot's enthusiast's wet dream.
Gustave Flaubert
And they talked about the mediocrity of provincial life, so suffocating, so fatal to all noble dreams.
David Gemmell
Hold on to your dreams, Kiall. They are more important than you realise.
Edgar Wallace | Dreams Quotes
Dreamin' of thee! Dreamin' of thee!

Jack Kerouac
The happiness consists in realizing that it is all a great strange dream.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Much can be inferred about a man from his mistress: in her one beholds his weaknesses and his dreams.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
A sight to dream of, not to tell!
Shashi Tharoor
Our founding fathers wrote a constitution for a dream. We have given passports to their ideals.
Harry Chapin | Dreams Quotes
Good dreams don't come cheap
You've got to pay for them.
Walter Scott
To all, to each, a fair good-night,
And pleasing dreams, and slumbers light!
Syd Barrett
And what exactly is a dream, and what exactly is a joke?
Larry Mullen
Sleep tonight
And may your dreams
Be realised.
Carl Sagan
Humans are very good at dreaming, although you’d never know it from your television.

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