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Family Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Eoin Colfer | Family Quotes
Red held me at arm’s length, grinning. “Welcome to the family, Half Moon,” he said.
Robert Burton
Almost in every kingdom the most ancient families have been at first princes' bastards.
Robert Haugen
The cheapness family is the most powerful of the five.

Imre Kertesz‎
If you’re a revolutionary, you shouldn’t have started a family.
Christian D. Larson
Christian D. Larson Official Family website
The development of a country has to start at the foundation of the society, the "family".
Jarvis Cocker
Pornography takes all the reality out of sex and Disney does that to family life.
Pliny the Younger
This expression of ours, "Father of a family."
Alison Bechdel
Lois: You're never gonna meet anyone hanging around here with the tactical nuclear family.
Dave Barry
The best way to learn Japanese is to be born as a Japanese baby, in Japan, raised by a Japanese family.
John Updike | Family Quotes
...there ought to be a law that we change identities and families every ten years or so.

Buckminster Fuller
The wellspring of reality is the family of weightless generalized principles.
Hillary Clinton
I grew up in a middle-class family in the middle of America in the middle of the last century.
Hartley Shawcross
All my moves were designed to promote the happiness and wellbeing of my family, rather than fame.
Richard Cecil
Let family worship be short, savory, simple, plain, tender, heavenly.
Nicolas Sarkozy | Family Quotes
Canadians are friends and Quebecers are my family.
Javon Ringer
Honestly, my number-one motivation is my family.
Karl Kraus
Sexuality poorly repressed unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole world.
Nicolas Sarkozy
I do not see how proving my family, brotherly love for Quebec should be strengthened by defying Canada.
James Fenimore Cooper
Those families, you know, are our upper crust—not upper ten thousand.

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