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Politics Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Walther Funk | Politics Quotes
A Reichsbank president who was totally ignorant of what went in and out of the vaults of his bank.
Alan Greenspan
Greenspan doesn't get out of bed before examining the political consequences.
Theo de Raadt
Why are you guys so fork paranoid? Do you want everyone to vote for the same political party, too?

Ray Bradbury
The problem is, of course, our politicians, men who have no romance in their hearts or dreams in their heads.
Benjamin Disraeli
Finality, Sir, is not the language of politics.
Habib Bourguiba | Politics Quotes
"Today I am the President of the Republic, but I will be the first to join the Maquis."
Woody Allen
Harry: You think the President of the United States wants to fuck every woman he meets?... Well, bad example.
Nelson Mandela
In my country we go to prison first and then become President.
Malcolm Bradbury
In Slaka, sex is just politics with the clothes off.
John Hagee
Why would you want to be politically correct when you can be right?
Henry St John | Politics Quotes
The greatest art of a politician is to render vice serviceable to the cause of virtue.

George W. Bush
No President has ever done more for human rights than I have.
Richard Wagner
A political man is disgusting, but a political wife, horrible.
John N. Gray
If you want to understand the beliefs that are shaping global politics, read the Book of Revelation.
Catharine MacKinnon
Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated.
John James Ingalls | Politics Quotes
The purification of politics is an iridescent dream.
George Monbiot
No political challenge can be met by shopping.
Taylor Horn
On receiving a letter from President Bush.
Tom Wolfe
A sect, incidentally, is a religion with no political power.
Donald Rumsfeld
Be able to resign. It will improve your value to the President and do wonders for your performance.

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