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Politics Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

That mysterious independent variable of political calculation, Public Opinion.
Tony Blair
I didn't come into politics to change the Labour Party. I came into politics to change the country.
Marty Feldman
Hookers have to deliver on their promise... unlike politicians.

Richard J. Daley
Good government is good politics and politics is good government.
Abigail Adams
Deliver me from your cold phlegmatic preachers, politicians, friends, lovers and husbands.
Ugo Cavallero | Politics Quotes
I am very much afraid that the loss of Cyrenaica will have serious political consequences for the Duce.
Orson Welles
I don't take art as seriously as politics.
Arthur Miller
Without alienation, there can be no politics.
Bill Sali
If people want go-along, get-along politics, I am not their guy.
Nikita Khrushchev
Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.
Heidi Hautala | Politics Quotes
There is always the risk in parliament that political opinions might be expressed.

Jack Layton
Politics matters. Ideas matter. Democracy matters.
Ronald Reagan
What do you do when your President ignores all the palpable, relevant facts and wanders in circles?
Nancy Reagan
The movies were custard compared to politics.
Marshall McLuhan
The automated presidential surrogate is the superlative nobody.
Adlai Stevenson | Politics Quotes
I have sometimes said that flattery is all right, Mr. President, if you don't inhale it.
Vernor Vinge
Politics may come and go, but Greed goes on forever.
Gloria Estefan
Neither. I did not bring my crown, and the last thing I would want to do is get into politics.
Edward Heath
I don't think that modesty is the outstanding characteristic of contemporary politics, do you?"
Kenan Evren
All my trust in the politicians had been rubbed away.

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