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Politics Quotes - random

Andranik Margaryan | Politics Quotes
No problem exists between the army and the president and it is not necessary to create one artificially.
Habib Bourguiba
"Today I am the President of the Republic, but I will be the first to join the Maquis."
Chester Bowles
Government is too big and important to be left to the politicians.

Silvio Berlusconi
I used all my playboy skills and courted the Finnish President.
Tom Wolfe
A sect, incidentally, is a religion with no political power.
Hillary Clinton | Politics Quotes
I have absolutely no interest in running for president again.
Kurt Vonnegut
Our president is a Christian? So was Adolf Hitler.
Dan Quayle
Welcome to President Bush, Mrs. Bush, and my fellow astronauts.
Bill Maher
Isn't he [Bush] the worst president ever? I mean, when his term is over, he has to walk back to Texas.
H. G. Wells (Herbert George)
In politics, strangely enough, the best way to play your cards is to lay them face upwards on the table.
Umberto Eco | Politics Quotes
In the United States, politics is a profession, whereas in Europe it is a right and a duty.

Mark Twain
Only presidents, editors and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial "we".
Gough Whitlam
He reveals that he has been a poor politician, a bad judge and a malevolent individual.
Indira Gandhi
All my games were political games; I was, like Joan of Arc, perpetually being burned at the stake.
Antonio Di Pietro
Berlusconi's politics as [...] Fede is information.
Hans Rosling | Politics Quotes
No number, No Bubble Mr. Vice President
Idi Amin
Politics is like boxing you try to knock out your opponents.
Ray Bradbury
The problem is, of course, our politicians, men who have no romance in their hearts or dreams in their heads.
Ron Paul
Is this would-be president brave or crazy?
Jimmy Carter
I can't deny I'm a better ex-president than I was a president.

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