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Forgiveness Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Robert Jordan | Forgiveness Quotes
Dance with her, and she will forgive much; dance well, and she will forgive anything.
Gautama Buddha
To understand everything is to forgive everything.
Joan of Arc
God forgive us: we have burned a saint.

John Green
[We] had to forgive to survive in the labyrinth.
Simone Weil
I also am other than what I imagine myself to be. To know this is forgiveness. [p.200]
Which is the greater wrong? To hurt the unforgiving one, or hurt the one who has forgiven all?
Lionel Jeffries
We grabbed their hands and dragged them home. Ah, I hope they’ve forgiven me.
Thomas Fuller (writer)
He that does you a very ill Turn, will never forgive you.
Sri Chinmoy
Man forgets. God forgives. Man forgets God's Truth. God forgives man's ignorance.
Buddy Wakefield
Forgiveness is the release of all hope for a better past.
Let us forget and forgive injuries.

John F. Kennedy
Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.
Edgar Degas
Women can never forgive me; they hate me, they feel I am disarming them. I show them without their coquetry.
John Bodkin Adams
That was very wrong... I have had God's forgiveness for it.
Agatha Christie
John, forgive me... for what I can't help doing.
Adlai Stevenson | Forgiveness Quotes
For my part I believe in the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of ignorance.
Steve Maraboli
Forgiveness is a reflection of loving yourself enough to move on.
Jim Morrison
Do you dare
deny my
my kindness
or forgiveness?
Forgive and forget.
William Blake
And throughout all eternity
I forgive you, you forgive me.

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