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Forgiveness Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Erica Jong | Forgiveness Quotes
And what if I don't want forgiveness?
Jean-Paul Sartre
If you are not already dead, forgive. Rancor is heavy, it is worldly; leave it on earth: die light.
Christopher Paolini
I cannot forgive, but I understand.

John Keats
Love in a hut, with water and a crust,
Is Love, forgive us! cinders, ashes, dust.
Never forgive, never forget.
Reconciliation and forgiveness is inextricably linked to the identity and unity we develop as a nation.
Simone Weil
I also am other than what I imagine myself to be. To know this is forgiveness. [p.200]
William the Silent
Do not kill him! I forgive him my death.
Martin Amis
Laughter always forgives.
Lois McMaster Bujold
It is always easier to get forgiveness than permission.
The public seldom forgive twice.

Bill Johnson
Forgiveness rewrites our history! p.54
Heinrich Heine
One should forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged.
To forget is disgraceful, to forgive is true strength.
William Blake
And throughout all eternity
I forgive you, you forgive me.
Gautama Buddha | Forgiveness Quotes
To understand everything is to forgive everything.
Logan Pearsall Smith
I cannot forgive my friends for dying; I do not find these vanishing acts of theirs at all amusing.
John Bodkin Adams
That was very wrong... I have had God's forgiveness for it.
Tom Petty
Redemption comes to those who wait,
Forgiveness is the key.
Quentin Crisp
To my disappointment I now realized that to know all is not to forgive all. It is to despise everybody.

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