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Forgiveness Quotes - random

Do not kill him! I forgive him my death.
Evelyn Waugh
O God, if there is a God, forgive him his sins, if there is such a thing as sin.
Lucius Cornelius Sulla
I forgive the many for the sake of the few, the living for the dead.

Lois McMaster Bujold
It is always easier to get forgiveness than permission.
Edmund Burke
Society can overlook murder, adultery or swindling — it never forgives the preaching of a new gospel.
Laurence Sterne | Forgiveness Quotes
Only the brave know how to forgive...A coward never forgave; it is not in his nature.
Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi
Reconciliation and forgiveness is inextricably linked to the identity and unity we develop as a nation.
Oscar Wilde
Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
Emil Cioran
You are forgiven everything provided you have a trade, a subtitle to your name, a seal on your nothingness.
Jim Morrison
Do you dare
deny my
my kindness
or forgiveness?
The public seldom forgive twice.

Quentin Crisp
To my disappointment I now realized that to know all is not to forgive all. It is to despise everybody.
Joan of Arc
God forgive us: we have burned a saint.
Brandon Boyd
Forgive my indecision. I am only a man.
Edwin Hubbell Chapin
Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it foregoes revenge, and dares to forgive an injury.
Jack Terricloth | Forgiveness Quotes
Trouble is a great deal of fun, and crimes committed without malice are usually forgiven among peers.
George Savile
Nothing is less forgiven than setting Patterns Men have no mind to follow.
Soren Aabye Kierkegaard
The consciousness of sin definitely belongs to the consciousness of the forgiveness of sin.
Norman Cousins
Life is an adventure in forgiveness.
William Blake
And throughout all eternity
I forgive you, you forgive me.

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