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Men and women Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Karl Marx | Men and women Quotes
The working men have no country. We cannot take away from them what they have not got.
John Russell
[A proverb is] one man's wit, and all men's wisdom.
Shahrukh Khan
As long as the women Iím romancing are happy with me doing it then Iíll carry on.

Bruce Springsteen
The wise men were all fools, what to do?
Edgar Degas
Women can never forgive me; they hate me, they feel I am disarming them. I show them without their coquetry.
A very special thanks to all the women that have cum in and out of my life.
Thomas Fuller (writer)
Wise Men learn by other Men's Harms ; Fools, by their own.
Algernon Sydney
Men lived like fishes; the great ones devoured the small.
Mignon McLaughlin
Most women would like to dress imaginatively, but they glare at any woman who does.
Thomas Stearns Eliot (T. S.)
We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw.
To be right with God has often meant to be in trouble with men.

Blaise Pascal
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.894
Dylan Moran
Men look at breasts the way women look at babies. 'Aw, isn't that lovely.'
Alan Sillitoe
You can always rely on a society of equals taking it out on the women.
Orson Scott Card
It was always from the love of strong women that he had found whatever joy had been granted him in his life.
Sacrificing good men to journalism is like sending William Faulkner to work for Time magazine.
Barbara Tuchman
Against men habituated to lawless force, violent punishment failed to bring the violence under control.
Miguel de Cervantes
Time ripens all things. No man is born wise. Bishops are made of men and not of stones.
Abba Eban
History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword.

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