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Men and women Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Most men give advice by the bucket, but take it by the grain.
Nine women cannot deliver a baby in one month.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
With children use force with men reason; such is the natural order of things. The wise man requires no law.

Dante Alighieri
Men che dramma
di sangue m'? rimaso, che no tremi;
conosco i segni dell' antica fiamma.
Izaak Walton
This dish of meat is too good for any but anglers, or very honest men.
Give me few men and women who are pure and selfless and I shall shake the world.
Kate Bush
All is revealed
Not only women bleed.
Peter F. Drucker
The fault is in the system and not in the men.
Alan Ayckbourn
Few women care to be laughed at and men not at all, except for large sums of money.
John Updike
All men are boys time is trying to outsmart.
Bryant McGill | Men and women Quotes
The joy and smile of even one child is worth more than the prancing intellects of a thousand men. (p 30)

Havelock Ellis
To be a leader of men one must turn one's back on men.
Again, men in general desire the good, and not merely what their fathers had.
Simone De Beauvoir
If I had amnesia, I'd be almost like other men. Perhaps I'd even be able to love you.
Henry St John
Nations, like men, have their infancy.
Most women would like to dress imaginatively, but they glare at any woman who does.
John Donne
Oh do not die, for I shall hate
All women so, when thou art gone.
Pierre Trudeau
The attainment of of a just society is the cherished hope of civilized men.
Good fortune is a god among men, and more than a god.
James Howell
Happy is he that grows wise by other men's harms.

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