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* 1946 Boris Berezovsky Russian-born billionaire.
* 1934 Pierre Bourgault Politician and essayist in Quebec, Canada, and a public speaker who advocated Quebec independence.
* 1930 Derek Walcott West Indian poet, playwright, writer and visual artist who writes mainly in English.
* 1929 John Polanyi Jewish-Hungarian-German-English-Canadian chemist.
* 1924 Frank Lautenberg American politician.
* 1923 Walter M. (Jr.) Miller American science fiction writer, most famous for his novel A Canticle for Leibowitz (1959), winner of the 1961 Hugo Award for best novel.
* 1919 Ernie Kovacs American comedian whose uninhibited, often ad-libbed, and visually experimental comic style came to influence numerous television comedy programs for years after his tragic, early death in an automobile accident.
* 1915 Potter Stewart Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
* 1899 Alfred Denning British barrister from Hampshire who became Master of the Rolls.
* 1897 Subhas Chandra Bose Freedom fighter in the Indian independence movement who believed in violent resistance to British colonial rule, and founded the Indian National Army, an armed Indian nationalist force.
* 1891 Antonio Gramsci Italian writer, politician and political theorist.
* 1872 Gotse Delchev Known as Gotse Delchev or Goce Delθev, was a significant revolutionary in Macedonia and Thrace.
* 1862 David Hilbert German mathematician recognized as one of the most influential and universal mathematicians of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
* 1861 Katharine Tynan Irish-born writer, known mainly for her novels and poetry.
* 1832 Edouard Manet French painter.
* 1783 Stendhal More widely known as Stendhal, the most famous of his many pen-names, was a 19th century French writer.


† 2011 Jack La Lanne American fitness, exercise and nutritional expert.
† 2009 George Perle Composer and theorist.
† 2005 Johnny Carson American actor, comedian, writer, and host of The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992.
† 2004 Bob Keeshan Better known as Captain Kangaroo, was a United States television personality and childrens' advocate.
† 2004 Helmut Newton Born Helmut Neustδdter, was a German-Australian photographer.
† 2002 Robert Nozick American libertarian philosopher and Pellegrino University Professor at Harvard University.
† 2002 Pierre Bourdieu Acclaimed French sociologist whose work employed methods drawn from a wide range of disciplines, from philosophy and literary theory to sociology and anthropology.
† 1991 Northrop Frye Canadian literary critic and literary theorist, considered one of the most influential of the 20th century.
† 1989 Salvador Dali Spanish surrealist artist.
† 1986 Joseph Beuys German Conceptual artist who produced work in a number of forms including sculpture, performance art, video art and installations.
† 1976 Paul Robeson American actor of film and stage, All-American and professional athlete, writer, multi-lingual orator, lawyer, and basso profondo concert singer who was also noted for his wide-ranging social justice activism.
† 1952 Yakov Frenkel Soviet physicist renowned for his works in the field of solid-state physics.
† 1944 Edvard Munch Norwegian Symbolist painter and printmaker, and an important forerunner of the Expressionistic art movement.
† 1943 Alexander Woollcott American critic and journalist known for his involvement in the Algonquin Round Table and his writings in The New Yorker magazine.
† 1893 Phillips Brooks Noted United States clergyman and author, who briefly served as Bishop of Massachusetts in the Episcopal Church during the early 1890s.
† 1889 Michael Joseph Barry Irish poet, author, and political figure.
† 1875 Charles Kingsley English author, clergyman and educator.
† 1806 William Pitt British politician during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
† 1800 Rutledge,Edward American statesman, signer of the United States Declaration of Independence and governor of South Carolina.
† 1789 John Cleland English writer; he is best known as the author of the erotic novel Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, sometimes published under the title Fanny Hill.
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