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* 1968 Timothy McVeigh United States Army veteran and security guard who bombed the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
* 1954 Michael Moore Academy Award-winning American filmmaker, author, and liberal political commentator.
* 1952 Jean-Dominique Bauby Well-known French journalist and author and editor of the French fashion magazine ELLE.
* 1943 Tony Esposito Retired professional ice hockey goaltender, who played in the National Hockey League, most notably for the Chicago Black Hawks.
* 1929 George Steiner European-born American literary critic, essayist, philosopher, novelist, translator, and educator, who has written extensively about the relationship between language, literature and society, and the impact of the Holocaust.
* 1928 Shirley Temple Later known as Shirley Temple Black, is a former child actress.
* 1926 J. P. Donleavy U S -born Irish novelist and playwright.
* 1902 Halldor Laxness Born Halldσr Gu?jσnsson, was a 20th century Icelandic author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1955.
* 1897 Lester B. Pearson Canadian statesman, diplomat and politician who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957.
* 1858 Max Planck One of the most important German physicists of the late 19th and early 20th century, winning the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918; he is considered to be the founder of quantum theory.
* 1852 Edwin Markham American poet, most famous for his poem, The Man With the Hoe.
* 1834 Artemus Ward Nom de plume of Charles Farrar Browne, an American humorous writer.
* 1834 Chauncey Depew United States Senator.
* 1818 James Anthony Froude Controversial English historian, novelist, biographer, and editor of Fraser's Magazine.
* 1813 Stephen Douglas As American politician, one of the principal founders of the Illinois Democrat Party, Illinois supreme court judge, and Illinois Senator.
* 1803 Adin Ballou American Unitarian minister, abolitionist and pacifist.
* 1791 James Buchanan 15th President of the United States (1857–1861).


† 2007 Boris Yeltsin First president of post-Soviet Russia.
† 1996 P. L. Travers British author, born Helen Lyndon Goff in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, most famous as the creator of the "Mary Poppins" series of stories.
† 1995 Howard Cosell Born Howard William Cohen, was an American sports journalist on American television.
† 1993 Cesar Chavez Labor organizer and social activist.
† 1991 Johnny Thunders American rock and roll guitarist and singer, first with the New York Dolls, the proto-punk glam rockers of the early '70s.
† 1985 Sam Ervin United States Senator from North Carolina from 1954 to 1974.
† 1975 William Hartnell British actor; he was the first Doctor Who.
† 1966 George Ohsawa Born Yukikazu Sakurazawa, was the founder of the Macrobiotic diet and philosophy.
† 1915 Rupert Brooke English poet.
† 1905 Henry H. Goodell Professor of English and history, a lieutenant during the American Civil War, and one of the founders of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, where he served asthe first director of the Hatch Experimental Station, the first college librarian and ultimately its library founder, and went on to become the seventh and longest-serving president of the institution's history.
† 1850 William Wordsworth Major English poet who, with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, launched the Romantic Age in English literature with the 1798 publication of Lyrical Ballads.
† 1740 Thomas Tickell Minor English poet and man of letters.
† 1616 Miguel de Cervantes Spanish novelist, poet and playwright.
† 1616 William Shakespeare English playwright and poet, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language.
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