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* 1964 Brigitte Gabriel Lebanese-born journalist, author, activist and speaker on Islam and the Middle East.
* 1957 Attila the Stockbroker Punk performance poet, songwriter and musician.
* 1956 Carrie Fisher American actress, screenwriter and novelist.
* 1955 Rich Mullins American Christian singer/songwriter.
* 1953 Peter Mandelson Present Commissioner of the European Union for Trade issues.
* 1949 Benjamin Netanyahu Often called Bibi, was the 9th and is the current Prime Minister of Israel and is Chairman of the Likud Party.
* 1943 Tariq Ali British-Pakistani author, filmmaker, and historian.
* 1942 Judith Sheindlin American lawyer, judge, TV personality and author, best known to the public as Judge Judy after her internationally popular daytime TV program of the same name.
* 1940 Geoff Boycott English former international cricketer.
* 1940 Manfred Mann Manfred Mann was born on 21 October 1940 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
* 1929 Ursula K. Le Guin US-based author, known mostly for writing science fiction and fantasy.
* 1914 Martin Gardner American recreational mathematician, magician, skeptic, and author of the long-running "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American from 1956 to 1981.
* 1912 Sir Georg Solti World-renowned Hungarian-born British orchestral and operatic conductor.
* 1904 Patrick Kavanagh Irish poet and novelist.
* 1891 Leo Burnett Advertising executive famous for creating such icons as the Jolly Green Giant, the Marlboro Man, Toucan Sam, Charlie the Tuna, Morris the Cat, the Pillsbury Doughboy, the 7up "Spot", and Tony the Tiger.
* 1845 Will Carleton American poet, who wrote mostly about rural life.
* 1833 Alfred Nobel Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite.
* 1818 Enoch Fitch Burr American theologian and astronomer.
* 1790 Alphonse de Lamartine French writer, poet, and politician.
* 1772 Samuel Taylor Coleridge English poet, critic and philosopher who was, along with his friend William Wordsworth, one of the founders of the Romantic Movement in England and one of the Lake Poets.
* 1762 George Colman Known as "the Younger," was an English dramatist and miscellaneous writer, and son of George Colman "the Elder".


† 2012 George McGovern American politician.
† 2009 Ted Sizer American leader of educational reform and the founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools.
† 2003 Elliott Smith American songwriter and musician.
† 2003 Luis A. Ferre Puerto Rican engineer, industrialist, politician, philanthropist, and a patron of the arts.
† 1995 Shannon Hoon Lead singer of the band Blind Melon.
† 1992 Jim Garrison Who changed his first name to Jim in the early 1960s, was the Democratic District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana from 1962 to 1973.
† 1988 Guido Beck German physicist born in what is now the Czech Republic.
† 1978 Anastas Mikoyan Armenian Old Bolshevik and Soviet statesman during the Stalin and Khrushchev years.
† 1969 Jack Kerouac Born Jean-Louis Lebris Kerouac, was an American novelist, poet and artist.
† 1952 Hans Merensky South African geologist, conservationist, scientist and philanthropist.
† 1912 Robert Barr Anglo–American author and journalist who spent time in the United States as a staff writer for the Detroit Free Press.
† 1908 Charles Eliot Norton Leading American author, social critic, and professor of art.
† 1872 Jacques Babinet French physicist, mathematician, and astronomer who is best known for his contributions to optics.
† 1805 Horatio Nelson British naval officer.
† 1777 Samuel Foote English dramatist, actor and theatre manager from Cornwall.
† 1687 Edmund Waller English poet.
† 1556 Pietro Aretino Italian author, playwright, poet and satirist.
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