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* 1980 Regina Spektor Soviet-born American singer-songwriter and pianist.
* 1968 Molly Ringwald American actress, singer, and dancer.
* 1964 Matt Dillon Academy Award-, Golden Globe Award- and BAFTA Award-nominated American actor.
* 1962 Rob Riemen Dutch writer and cultural philosopher who is the founder, president and CEO of the Nexus Institute, and founder and editor of Nexus, a journal of essays for cultural philosophy.
* 1954 John Travolta American actor, dancer and singer.
* 1936 Ian Hacking Canadian philosopher specializing in philosophy of science.
* 1934 Audre Lorde Multi-faceted writer and activist.
* 1933 Yoko Ono Japanese-American avant-garde artist and musician, famous for her marriage and collaborations with John Lennon as well as for her solo work.
* 1932 Milos Forman Better known as Miloš Forman, is a Czech-American film director, screenwriter, actor, professorand and an emigrant from Czechoslovakia.
* 1931 Toni Morrison American writer, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993.
* 1929 Len Deighton English novelist, historian and cookery writer.
* 1916 Jean Drapeau Canadian lawyer and politician who served as mayor of Montreal from 1954 to 1957 and from 1960 to 1986.
* 1898 Luis Munoz Marin Puerto Rican poet, journalist and politician.
* 1883 Nikos Kazantzakis Greek novelist, poet, playwright and philosopher.
* 1848 Louis Comfort Tiffany American artist and designer who worked in the decorative arts and is best known for his work in stained glass and is the American artist most associated with the Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements.
* 1838 Ernst Mach Austrian-Czech physicist and philosopher, noted for his contributions to physics such as the Mach number and the study of shock waves.
* 1836 Ramakrishna Born Gadadhar Chattopadhyay, was an Indian mystic, a promoter of bhakti traditions, and a teacher of the philosophy of Advaita Ved?nta.
* 1609 Edward Hyde English historian, statesman and grandfather of two queens regnant, Mary II and Anne.
* 1530 Uesugi Kenshin Samurai warlord who ruled Echigo province in the Sengoku Period of Japan.
* 1516 Mary I of England Queen of England and Ireland, was known as Bloody Mary for her persecution of Protestants.


† 2008 Ralph Brazelton Peck Eminent civil engineer specializing in soil mechanics.
† 1967 J. Robert Oppenheimer American physicist and the scientific director of the Manhattan Project.
† 1937 Grigoriy Ordzhonikidze Generally known as Sergo Ordzhonikidze, was a Georgian Bolshevik, later member of the CPSU Politburo and close friend to Josef Stalin.
† 1886 John Bartholomew Gough United States temperance orator.
† 1873 Vasil Levski Bulgarian revolutionary, renowned as the national hero of Bulgaria.
† 1851 Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi Widely known as Gustav Jacobi, was a German mathematician.
† 1679 Anne Conway English philosopher, cited as an influence by Leibniz, and an early convert to Quakerism.
† 1654 Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac Balzac French author, best known for his epistolary essays, which were widely circulated and read in his day.
† 1564 Michelangelo Italian architect, painter, poet and sculptor.
† 1564 Michelangelo Buonarroti Italian architect, painter, poet and sculptor.
† 1546 Martin Luther German theologian, an Augustinian monk, and an ecclesiastical reformer whose teachings inspired the Reformation and deeply influenced the doctrines and culture of the Lutheran and Protestant traditions.
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