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* 1955 Steven M. Greer Emergency and trauma physician, a former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in Lenoir, North Carolina, and a lifetime member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.
* 1947 Mark Helprin American novelist.
* 1946 Gilda Radner American comedienne and actress.
* 1940 Muhammad Yunus Bangladeshi banker and economist.
* 1932 Andy Bathgate Retired Canadian professional ice hockey centre who played 17 seasons in the National Hockey League for the New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins.
* 1930 Itamar Franco Brazilian politician, who served as the President of Brazil from 1992 to 1995.
* 1928 Hans Blix Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs 1978–79, Director General of the IAEA 1981–97, Executive Chairman of the UNMOVIC 2000–03.
* 1928 John Stewart Bell Irish physicist who worked in the field of particle physics at CERN, and who developed one of the most important theorems of quantum physics, Bell's Theorem.
* 1926 Mel Brooks American actor, director, and screenwriter.
* 1905 Ashley Montagu British-American anthropologist and humanist who wrote about issues such as race and gender and their relation to politics and development.
* 1892 E. H. Carr Liberal realist and later left-wing British historian, journalist and international relations theorist, and an opponent of empiricism within historiography.
* 1891 Carl Panzram American serial killer, arsonist and burglar.
* 1890 William H. P. Blandy United States Navy Admiral who was most known for overseeing the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Island in the Pacific Ocean.
* 1887 Floyd Dell American author, feminist, journalist, and socialist.
* 1873 Alexis Carrel French surgeon and biologist.
* 1867 Luigi Pirandello Italian dramatist, novelist and short-story writer.
* 1818 John Weiss American author and clergyman, as well as a noted abolitionist.
* 1814 Frederick Willaim Faber English hymn writer and theologian.
* 1712 Jean-Jacques Rousseau Franco-Swiss philosopher of Enlightenment whose political ideas influenced the French Revolution, the development of socialist theory, and the growth of nationalism.
* 1703 John Wesley English preacher, and founder of the Methodist movement.
* 1491 Henry VIII of England King of England from 1509 to 1547.


† 2008 Ruslana Korshunova Kazakhstani fashion model of Russian ethnicity.
† 2006 Theodore Levitt American economist and professor at Harvard Business School.
† 2001 Mortimer Adler American Aristotelian philosopher and author.
† 1994 William A. Henry III Award-winning American cultural critic and author.
† 1993 GG Allin Born Jesus Christ Allin, was an American punk rock singer-songwriter who performed and recorded with many punk groups during his career.
† 1992 John (artist) Piper English painter and printmaker.
† 1975 Rod Serling American writer, known primarily as Rod Serling; most famous for his science fiction TV series The Twilight Zone.
† 1971 Franz Stangl SS officer, commandant of the Sobibór and of Treblinka extermination camp.
† 1958 Alfred Noyes English poet.
† 1936 Alexander Berkman Prominent Russian-born anarchist, and a close associate of Emma Goldman.
† 1889 Maria Mitchell First American woman to work as a professional astronomer.
† 1836 James Madison Fourth (1809–1817) President of the United States.
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