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Forget the years, forget distinctions. Leap into the boundless and make it your home!
Milan Kundera
It was the call of all those fortuities... which gave her the courage to leave home and change her fate.
Jim Morrison
Take an Indian home to lunch.

Chetan Bhagat
Kind? This is DisCo, not Mother Teresa's home.
Garrison Keillor
It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my home town, out on the edge of the prairie...
Charles Lamb | Home Quotes
I came home for ever!
Marisa Miller
When I go home to Santa Cruz, I'm the same girl as when I grew up.
John Greenleaf Whittier
The Beauty which old Greece or Rome
Sung, painted, wrought, lies close at home.
Matsuo Basho
[E]very day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.
Sigmund Freud
Analogies prove nothing, that is quite true, but they can make one feel more at home.
Wilhelm II of Germany | Home Quotes
You will be home before the leaves fall from the trees.

Phyllis Schlafly
Sex education classes are like in-home sales parties for abortions.
James Hudson Taylor
If there was more true abiding in Christ, there would be less selfish abiding at home.
Thomas Hood
Home-made dishes that drive one from home.
George Bernard Shaw
Home life as we understand it is no more natural to us than a cage is natural to a cockatoo.
Rachel Trachtenburg | Home Quotes
Rachel: I probably get home at 1:00 (am) and I go to bed at 1:30. (shrugs) I don't know.
Woody Allen
Basically my wife was immature. I'd be at home in the bath and she'd come in and sink my boats.
Arsene Wenger
Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home.
Clifford D. Simak
“McKay tells me that you went home sick,” she said. “Personally, I hope you don’t survive.”
Christian Morgenstern
Home is not where you live but where they understand you.

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