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Power Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

People crushed by law have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws.
Martin Luther
Let us keep to Christ, and cling to Him, and hang on Him, so that no power can remove us.
Ronald Reagan
All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk.

When you are about to badger the weak,
Then imagine yourself before a more powerful man.
Martin Buber
An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.
James Hudson Taylor | Power Quotes
An easy-going non-self-denying life will never be one of power.
Malcolm X
Power never takes a back step — only in the face of more power.
John Dryden
All empire is no more than power in trust.
Friedrich Hayek
The chief evil is unlimited government, and nobody is qualified to wield unlimited power.
Charles de Montesquieu
Power ought to serve as a check to power.
Democritus | Power Quotes
No power and no treasure can outweigh the extension of our knowledge.

Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar
Islamic Iran will resist ... any kind of threat and will give a powerful answer to enemies and oppressors.
Richard Perle
I’ve never thought much of Joe Nye’s writings on soft power.
N. K. Jemisin
But perhaps that was just the way of power: no such thing as too much.
John Bartholomew Gough
A man's enemies have no power to harm him, if he is true to himself and loyal to God.
John Maynard Keynes | Power Quotes
The power to become habituated to his surroundings is a marked characteristic of mankind.
Joseph McCabe
Any body of men who believe in hell will persecute whenever they have the power.
Swami Vivekananda
The power of purity—it is a definite power.
John Kotter
Never underestimate the power of the mind to disempower.
Jim Stanford
The problem is not scarcity; the problem is power.

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