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Azar Nafisi | Change Quotes
Khatami is a symptom and not the cause of change in Iran.
Robert Kuttner
Technological change is beneficial only when other jobs replace the ones lost.
Fernando Pessoa
As we wash our body so we should wash destiny, change life as we change clothes.

Martin de Maat
Talk to Martin, change your life.
Eric Shinseki
If you dislike change, you're going to dislike irrelevance even more.
Henry S. Haskins | Change Quotes
When study becomes labor, we had better change the subject-matter as quickly as possible.
Oscar Wilde
I don't recognize you - I've changed a lot.
Alexandre Dumas
You are young, and your bitter recollections have time to change themselves into sweet remembrances."
Vasil Levski
Time is in us and we are in time. It changes us and we change it.
A woman is an ever fickle and changeable thing.
Miles Davis | Change Quotes
I've changed music four or five times. What have you done of any importance other than be white?

Robert Jordan
Humankind is made for uncertainty, struggle, choice and change.
Art Buchwald
Don't commit suicide, because you might change your mind two weeks later.
Joseph Heller
In my middle years, I have exchanged the position of the fetus for the position of a corpse.
Calvin Coolidge
There is far more danger of harm than there is hope of good in any radical changes.
Rupert Murdoch | Change Quotes
People are reading news for free on the web, that's got to change.
Marcus Aurelius
Is any man afraid of change? Why what can take place without change?
Gautama Buddha
Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.
Ruth Simmons
If you change who you are, then you change your whole being.
John Milton
But O the heavy change, now thou art gone,
Now thou art gone and never must return!

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