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Alexandre Dumas | Change Quotes
You are young, and your bitter recollections have time to change themselves into sweet remembrances."
Frederic Bastiat
"By virtue of exchange, one man's prosperity is beneficial to all others."
Benjamin Disraeli
In a progressive country change is constant;… change … is inevitable.

Mignon McLaughlin
It's the most unhappy people who most fear change.
Dalai Lama
Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
Eric Shinseki | Change Quotes
If you dislike change, you're going to dislike irrelevance even more.
Abraham Cowley
Beauty, thou wild fantastic ape
Who dost in every country change thy shape!
Philippe Kahn
Invention is the root of innovation. Innovation is the major force for change in the future.
Mr. T
You gonna lose a deal over $35? Thats chump change! My lunch cost $35!
Emil Cioran
We change ideas like neckties.
Amitabh Bachchan | Change Quotes
What is intrinsically good will never change its character, no matter where it is found.

Robert A. Heinlein
Small change can often be found under seat cushions.
Brian Wilson
I went through a lot of changes in the years from when I first started out.
Steve Maraboli
You cannot just speak change, you have to LIVE change!
Larry Wall
double value; /* or your money back! */
short changed; /* so triple your money back! */
Tom Stoppard | Change Quotes
Revolution is a trivial shift in the emphasis of suffering; the capacity for self-indulgence changes hands.
Robert Southwell
Times go by turns and chances change by course,
From foul to fair, from better hap to worse.
David Ben-Gurion
Anyone who believes you can't change history has never tried to write his memoirs.
Jeanne Shaheen
I want to reiterate my support for President Bush's goals for regime change in Iraq.
Ben Jonson
Thus, in his belly, can he change a sin,
Lust it comes out, that gluttony went in.

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