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Jack Gibson | Sports Quotes
In football, if you are standing still, you're going backwards fast.
Danie Craven
A game of rugby is a work of art!
Charlie Brooker
Sport belongs in a news bulletin about as much as a mummified cat's head belongs in a Caesar salad.

Fred Perry
I didn't aspire to be a good sport; "champion" was good enough for me.
Roger Federer
Maybe Roger Federer will rescue tennis. He plays like we did in the past.
George Herbert | Sports Quotes
An old cat sports not with her prey.
Nelson Rodrigues
In soccer, the blindest player is the one who sees nothing but the ball.
Arsene Wenger
In England, football is important for everybody.
Ephraim Kishon
"When you start looking like the photo in your passport you definitely need to see a doctor."
Andre Maurois
The true sporting spirit has always something religious about it.
Fred Shero | Sports Quotes
If you looked inside Freddie's brain, you would find a miniature hockey rink.

Roger Ebert
I would rather eat a golf ball than see this movie again.
Anton Chekhov
Without a knowledge of languages you feel as if you don’t have a passport.
Mike Tomlin
If he were not a football coach, he'd be a shrink.
Dan Patrick
[Golf/Goff] shots, nothing but [golf/goff] shots.
Linda Smith | Sports Quotes
Rugby is a game for men with no fear of brain injury.
Alex Ferguson
Football, bloody hell!
Silvio Berlusconi
Let's talk about football and women. … Gerhard, why don't you start?
Philip Roth
Oh Patimkin! Fruit grew in their refrigerator and sporting goods dropped from their trees!
Thierry Henry
There's nothing I'm scared of in football.

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