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Alan Kotok | Sports Quotes
I'm opposed to any sport that reduces the coefficient of friction between me and the ground.
Silvio Berlusconi
Let's talk about football and women. … Gerhard, why don't you start?
Fred Perry
I didn't aspire to be a good sport; "champion" was good enough for me.

Elizabeth II of England
Football's a difficult business and aren't they prima donnas?
Anton Chekhov
Without a knowledge of languages you feel as if you don’t have a passport.
Keshia Chante | Sports Quotes
The music game is more than just my love for singing, its a sport for me.
"Golf always makes me so damned angry."
Tara Reid
I like screaming at the TV and getting all excited, but I don't like guys who don't watch sports.
Zinedine Zidane
Zidane is unique. The ball flows with him. He is more like a dancer than a football player.
Arsene Wenger
I'm ready to take the blame for all the problems of English football if that is what he wants.
Emmitt Smith | Sports Quotes
I love to play bid whist as much as I love football.

Samuel P. Huntington
many more people in the world are concerned with sports than with human rights
Rob Payne
There has to be a better use for titanium than golf clubs.
Chris Walla
My favorite sport is Scrabble.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
What they call “play” (gym, travel, sports) looks like work.
Andre Maurois | Sports Quotes
The true sporting spirit has always something religious about it.
Roger Federer
Maybe Roger Federer will rescue tennis. He plays like we did in the past.
Odilon Redon
Like music my drawings transport us to the ambiguous world of the indeterminate.
Francesco Totti
Pierpaolo Bisoli: "Totti is Totti, a symbol of Italian football."
Mike Tomlin
If he were not a football coach, he'd be a shrink.

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