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Sports Quotes - random

Linda Smith | Sports Quotes
Rugby is a game for men with no fear of brain injury.
Arsene Wenger
I'm ready to take the blame for all the problems of English football if that is what he wants.
Jason Whitlock
Having failed as an NFL commentator, Limbaugh understands the power of football.

Jose Mourinho
"This is Sport Lisboa e Benfica, not PAOK Salonica." [in response to Abdel Sattar Sabry]
Elizabeth II of England
Football's a difficult business and aren't they prima donnas?
Thierry Henry | Sports Quotes
Sometimes in football you have to score goals.
Alessandro Del Piero
In my view heís the best person Iíve met in this sport.
Jane Austen
For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn? 
Francesco Totti
Pierpaolo Bisoli: "Totti is Totti, a symbol of Italian football."
Tiger Woods
I don't want to be the best black golfer, I want to be the best golfer, period.
Frank Bruno | Sports Quotes
Boxing is the toughest and loneliest sport in the world.

Garry Kasparov
The public must come to see that chess is a violent sport. Chess is mental torture.
Odilon Redon
Like music my drawings transport us to the ambiguous world of the indeterminate.
Alan Kotok
I'm opposed to any sport that reduces the coefficient of friction between me and the ground.
Alexander Ovechkin
I always look forward to playing in Toronto because it's such a historic city when it comes to hockey.
The uglier a man's legs are, the better he plays golf. It's almost a law.
Jack Gibson
There is nothing in the contract that says a football coach has to be sane or a good loser.
Charlie Brooker
Sport belongs in a news bulletin about as much as a mummified cat's head belongs in a Caesar salad.
Joe Frazier
Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
There is no sport in hate where all the rage
Is on one side.

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