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Sports Quotes - random

Francesco Totti | Sports Quotes
Pierpaolo Bisoli: "Totti is Totti, a symbol of Italian football."
Shashi Tharoor
Our founding fathers wrote a constitution for a dream. We have given passports to their ideals.
Kurt Donald Cobain
I spent all of my life trying to stay away from sports and here I am in a sporting arena.

Garry Kasparov
The public must come to see that chess is a violent sport. Chess is mental torture.
Silvio Berlusconi
Let's talk about football and women. Gerhard, why don't you start?
Roger Federer | Sports Quotes
Maybe Roger Federer will rescue tennis. He plays like we did in the past.
Bill Shankly
At a football club, there's a holy trinity the players, the manager and the supporters.
Jane Austen
For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn? 
Marcel Desailly
Football gives the African people hope, a true motivation for their life.
Heywood Broun
Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
William Cowper | Sports Quotes
Detested sport,
That owes its pleasures to another's pain.

Keshia Chante
The music game is more than just my love for singing, its a sport for me.
Tiger Woods
I don't want to be the best black golfer, I want to be the best golfer, period.
Russell Baker
In America, it is sport that is the opiate of the masses.
Nelson Rodrigues
In soccer, the blindest player is the one who sees nothing but the ball.
Jock Stein | Sports Quotes
Football is nothing without fans.
Jack Gibson
There is nothing in the contract that says a football coach has to be sane or a good loser.
Ai Weiwei
"Overturning police cars is a super-intense workout. Its probably the only sport I enjoy."
Lawrence Taylor
He is the Michael Jordan of football.
Fred Perry
I didn't aspire to be a good sport; "champion" was good enough for me.

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