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Humor Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Edward de Bono | Humor Quotes
Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.
Raymond Smullyan
Medical opinions differed as to the cause of this "humor" disease.
James Thurber
Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.

Andre Maurois
The whole reason of this War is because the Germans have no sense of humor.
Anne Bancroft
What I learned from her, really, was having a sense of humour and knowing how important laughter was.
Bel Kaufman | Humor Quotes
I had used my sense of humor; I had called it proportion, perspective. But perspective is distance.
Never was he seen languid or exhausted, never out of spirits or out of humor.
Mignon McLaughlin
A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.
Evan Esar
It is the uncensored sense of humor...which is the ultimate therapy for man in society.
John Buchan
[W]ithout humour you cannot run a sweetie-shop, let alone a nation.
Humour is consistent with pathos, whilst wit is not.

Max Beerbohm
I was a modest, good-humoured boy. It is Oxford that has made me insufferable.
Man Ray
I have been accused of being a joker. But the most successful art to me involves humor.
Romain Gary
Humour is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man's superiority to all that befalls him.
George Santayana
England is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, anomalies, hobbies, and humors.
Fred Shero | Humor Quotes
Arrive at the net with the puck and in ill humor.
Total absence of humor renders life impossible.
Jesse Ventura
Congratulations, you have a sense of humor. And to those who didn't: Go stick your head in the mud.
A. Whitney Brown
That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you.
John Waters
Life is nothing without a good sense of humor.

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