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Will Cuppy (1884 – 1949)

American humorist, hermit, and self-styled curmudgeon.
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Will Cuppy
I borrow to pay my honest debts and not to squander foolishly. What's more, I confine my borrowing to those who can well afford it. I don't go around sponging on widows and orphans unless they have plenty.
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He had the haunted look of the true humorist.
His style of humor is unique and, like the taste of an avocado, a little hard to describe.

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He was probably the most diligent fact excavator since Gibbon; what he didn't know about a subject, once he had decided to spoof it, wasn't worth knowing.
Cuppy Will
I think you are absolutely right about everything, except I think humor springs from rage, hay fever, overdue rent and miscellaneous hell.
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Borrowing has a bad name, but you would be surprised how it helps in a pinch.
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