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Humor Quotes - random

Thomas R. Marshall | Humor Quotes
An unfriendly fairy godmother presented him with a keen sense of humor. Nothing is more fatal in politics.
Raymond Smullyan
Medical opinions differed as to the cause of this "humor" disease.
Stanislaw Lem
If man had more of a sense of humor, things might have turned out differently.

Khalil Gibran
A sense of humour is a sense of proportion.
John Weiss
Irony is jesting hidden behind gravity. Humor is gravity concealed behind the jest.
Mignon McLaughlin | Humor Quotes
A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.
Virginia Woolf
Humour is the first of the gifts to perish in a foreign tongue.
Max Beerbohm
I was a modest, good-humoured boy. It is Oxford that has made me insufferable.
Oliver Goldsmith
The best-humour'd man, with the worst-humour'd Muse.
Emil Cioran
The ideal being? An angel ravaged by humor.
John Buchan | Humor Quotes
[W]ithout humour you cannot run a sweetie-shop, let alone a nation.

A. Whitney Brown
That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you.
Fred Shero
Arrive at the net with the puck and in ill humor.
Nick Hornby
What if a sense of humour is like hair — something a lot of man lose as they get older?
Never was he seen languid or exhausted, never out of spirits or out of humor.
Mignon McLaughlin | Humor Quotes
In the theatre, as in life, we prefer a villain with a sense of humor to a hero without one.
Rudolf Hess
I often found him warm and humourous.
Hermann Goring
If I didn't have a sense of humor, how could I stand this trial now?
Kurt Vonnegut
Humor is an almost physiological response to fear.
Art Buchwald
The joy of his column was not that it was side-splitting humor, but that he made you smile.

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