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Experience Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

We pity in others only the those evils which we ourselves have experienced.
Abraham Kaplan
Experience is of particulars only.
Yvor Winters
A poem in the first place should offer us a new perception..bringing into being a new experience

Eckhart Tolle
Right now we are being given the experience we need to raise our consciousness.
Fang Lizhi
All of us have direct experience of the Supreme.
That worst evil of long dictatorships: the loss of all political experience.
Alex Mero
Our behaviour is not stipulated by our experiences, it is by our ambitions.
Experience will show you, a Master can only point the way.
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
The experience of space is not a privilege of the gifted few, but a biological function.
Leymah Gbowee
Regardless of whom you pray to, during war our experiences as a community and as mothers are the same.
Eudora Welty | Experience Quotes
All experience is an enrichment rather than an impoverishment.

Robert M. Pirsig
Quality is a direct experience independent of and prior to intellectual abstractions.
Sathya Sai Baba
Be sincere; talk only about your genuine experience; do not distort, exaggerate or falsify that experience.
Henry James
Deep experience is never peaceful.
Anthony Burgess
Every grain of experience is food for the greedy growing soul of the artist.
Craig Groeschel | Experience Quotes
Failing often can help a ministry experience it. Being overly cautious can kill it.
Dan Quayle
In George Bush you get experience, and with me you get the future.
Frank Harris
Christ goes deeper than I do, but I have had a wider experience.
E. L. Doctorow
I try to avoid experience if I can. Most experience is bad.
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
Human experience throughout the ages has been enhanced through learning, information and communication.

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