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Karl Marx | Society Quotes
But had Marx not lived there would have been other socialists and other prophets of a new society.
Edward Abbey
The more corrupt a society, the more numerous its laws.
Tom Robbins
Society had a crime problem. It hired cops to attack crime. Now society has a cop problem.

Desmond Tutu
My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.
Robert Burns
Man's inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn.
Man was made to Mourn.
Georg Buchner | Society Quotes
Revolution is like the daughters of Pelias: it cuts humanity to pieces in order to rejuvenate it.
Ernest Renan
All the great things of humanity have been accomplished in the name of absolute principles.
George Washington
Harmony, liberal intercourse with all nations, are recommended by policy, humanity, and interest.
Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
Swami Vivekananda
Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth or die.
Clarence Thomas | Society Quotes
"To define each of us by our race is nothing short of a denial of our humanity."

Muqtada Sadr
"Americans use sick soldiers to spread disease inside the Iraqi society."
Claude Levi-Strauss
Natural man did not precede society, nor is he outside it.
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon which an information society is built.
Brandon Boyd
Society must let the artist go, to wander off into their nebula.
J. Edgar Hoover | Society Quotes
Banks are an almost irresistible attraction for that element of our society which seeks unearned money.
Fulton J. Sheen
The danger today is in believing there are no sick people, there is only a sick society.
James Russell Lowell
Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character.
Bertolt Brecht
Society cannot share a common communication system so long as it is split into warring factions.
Giuseppe Mazzini
One sole God;
One sole ruler,—his Law;
One sole interpreter of that law—Humanity.

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