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Family Quotes - random

John Updike | Family Quotes
...there ought to be a law that we change identities and families every ten years or so.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
A widow, the mother of a family, and from her heart she produces chords to which my whole being responds.
Pliny the Younger
This expression of ours, "Father of a family."

Joey Comeau
The family that prays together, still probably dies in the fire.
Karl Kraus
Family life is an encroachment on private life.
We are not a family, we are a firm.
Mitch Albom
"Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know."
Imre Kertesz‎
If you’re a revolutionary, you shouldn’t have started a family.
Jane Austen
A lady, without a family, was the very best preserver of furniture in the world.
Alan Dzagoev
"CSKA is one big family. Honestly, I'm very lucky being in that club", 2008.
Audrey Niffenegger | Family Quotes
My family isn’t posh; they’re musicians.

Ashley Montagu
The family unit is the institution for the systematic production of mental illness.
Begum Inaara Aga Khan
The most powerful tool to lift families out of extreme poverty is to grant micro-loans to women.
Taslima Nasrin
I was born in a Muslim family and Muslim women suffer under Islam.
Alex Haley
Roots is not just a saga of my family. It is the symbolic saga of a people.
Jimmy Hoffa | Family Quotes
We never had any silk sheets in our family...
Joey Comeau
My dead family and I are in your debt, and I long to help you in any way I can.
Emil Cioran
To found a family. I think it would have been easier for me to found an empire.
Warren Farrell
A family that knows how to play together has the tools to stay together.
Begum Inaara Aga Khan
Families are the best place to learn and practice mutual tolerance and acceptance.

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