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Family Quotes - random

Michael Madsen | Family Quotes
Is it really selling out if it feeds your family?
Shahrukh Khan
My strength to work in such situations comes from my family and people who love to watch me.
George Henry Lewes
Murder, like talent, seems occasionally to run in families.

Mignon McLaughlin
One of life's few really reliable pleasures: to have a family you love, and to leave them for a week.
John Updike
...there ought to be a law that we change identities and families every ten years or so.
Dave Barry | Family Quotes
The best way to learn Japanese is to be born as a Japanese baby, in Japan, raised by a Japanese family.
George Savile
A Princely Mind will undo a private Family.
Daniel Defoe
Great families of yesterday we show,
And lords whose parents were the Lord knows who.
Duke of Edinburgh Philip
There's a lot of your family in tonight.
Preston and Steve
I know a whole bunch of families that got AIDS... I mean lice!!!!
Charles Hartshorne | Family Quotes
No one in my family disbelieved in religion, and no one disbelieved in evolution, either.

Hosni Mubarak
I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family.
Stella Vine
I felt I didn't belong to either family.
Matt Groening
Families are about love overcoming emotional torture.
Virginia Satir
Why Family Therapy...because it deals with family pain.
John Lydon | Family Quotes
If the Royal Family was going to assassinate someone, they would have gotten rid of me a long time ago.
Oliver Herford
Actresses will happen in the best-regulated families.
Buckminster Fuller
The wellspring of reality is the family of weightless generalized principles.
George Burns
Happiness is having a loving, close knit family in another city.
Begum Inaara Aga Khan
Families are the best place to learn and practice mutual tolerance and acceptance.

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