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War Quotes - random

Jan Struther | War Quotes
Come, let us wage a holy war!
Publilius Syrus
We should provide in peace what we need in war.
Thomas Jefferson
[I]f ever there was a holy war, it was that which saved our liberties and gave us independence.

Edward Heath
We shall have a harder Christmas than we have known since the war.
George S. Patton
Men are at war with each other because each man is at war with himself.
John Kenneth Galbraith | War Quotes
Truth has anciently been called the first casualty of war. Money may, in fact, have priority.
George Washington
First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen.
Hunter S. Thompson
We are like pygmies lost in a maze of haze. We are not at war, we are having a nervous breakdown,again.
Arthur M. Jolly
Every battle, every war - is fought for things worth dying for.
Neal Stephenson
“Welcome to the GWOJ.”
“Global War on Jones.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb | War Quotes
If humans fight the last war, nature fights the next one.

Tim Buck
It was clear to me that the invasion changed the whole possibilities of the outcome of the war.
Christopher Paolini
War was a catalog of madness.
W. S. Gilbert
The House of Peers, thoughout the war
Did nothing in particular
And did it very well.
Georges Clemenceau
War is too serious a matter to leave to soldiers.
Richard Holbrooke | War Quotes
You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan.
Simone De Beauvoir
After wars peace, after peace, another war. Every day men are born and others die.
Anastas Mikoyan
We are watching the Germans closely; we are not forgetting what they did to us during the war.
Evelyn Waugh
My theme is memory, that winged host that soared about me one grey morning of war-time.
Khalid ibn al-Walid
He is a master of war; a friend of death. He has the dash of a lion and the patience of a cat !

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