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War Quotes - random

Christopher Hitchens | War Quotes
I don't think the war in Afghanistan was ruthlessly enough waged.
Francois Rabelais
Corn is the sinews of war.
Niccolo Machiavelli
War is just when it is necessary; arms are permissible when there is no hope except in arms.

Mel Gibson
Hey, I'm for love, not war. How about we have a beer?
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.
Ferdinand Foch | War Quotes
The unknown is the governing condition of war.
Leonid Brezhnev
It is madness for any country to build its policy with an eye to nuclear war.
Tupac Shakur
Everybody's at war with different things… I'm at war with my own heart sometimes.
W. E. B. DuBois
The cause of war is preparation for war.
Semyon Timoshenko
The Russians have learned much in this hard war in which the Finns fought with heroism.
Ruggedman | War Quotes
You either love me or hate me in peace and war.

Barbara Tuchman
Business, like a jackal, trotted on the heels of war.
Dennis Miller
Listen, the weather is just like Hillary's explanation for her war vote: we just don't know, do we?
Abraham Lincoln
So you are the little woman who caused this great war!
Stanley Baldwin
A lot of hard-faced men who look as if they had done very well out of the war.
Donald Rumsfeld | War Quotes
What we are seeing is not the war in Iraq. What we're seeing is slices of the war in Iraq.
Devendra Banhart
I heard somebody say that the war ended today, but everybody knows it's going still.
George Marshall
Frances Perkins recalled his saying, "The only way human beings can win a war is to prevent it."
Habib Bourguiba
Bourguiba warning the French-"it will mean war."
Jon Stewart
Like, the Afghanistan war, man did I dig that. I'd like to go again.

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