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War Quotes - random

David Low | War Quotes
I have never met anyone who wasn't against war. Even Hitler and Mussolini were, according to themselves.
Peter Sellers
Gentlemen! You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!
Bob Dylan
Of war and peace the truth just twist, its curfew gull it glides.

Alija Izetbegovic
This may not be a just peace, but it is more just than the continuation of war.
Ares (The God of War) hates those who hesitate.
Martin Firrell | War Quotes
War is always a failure. It means we’ve failed in diplomacy and we’ve failed in talking to one another.
Cindy Sheehan
"I DEFINITELY think that we should support war resisters in the military."
W. E. B. DuBois
The cause of war is preparation for war.
Robert Aumann
War has been with us ever since the dawn of civilization. Nothing has been more constant in history than war.
Peter Gabriel
If looks could kill, they probably will
In games without frontiers — war without tears.
Ehud Barak | War Quotes
His knowledge of war has fed a passion for peace.

Thomas Frey
"The sad truth is that the opposite of 'war' is not 'peace'."
Jozef Pilsudski
He was the only great man to emerge on the scene during the [First World] war.
Gertrude Stein
War is never fatal but always lost. Always lost.
Condoleezza Rice
You see, this war came to us, not the other way around.
Paul Tsongas | War Quotes
The cold war is over; Japan won.
John Donne
All whom war, dearth, age, agues, tyrannies,
Despair, law, chance, hath slain.
Eric Hoffer
A war is not won if the defeated enemy has not been turned into a friend.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Changing from the defensive to the offensive, is one of the most delicate operations in war.
William F. Buckley
They told me if I voted for Goldwater we'd be at war in Vietnam in six months — and I did and we were.

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