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Jeanne Shaheen

Politican from New Hampshire and a member of the Democratic Party.
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Jeanne Shaheen
I supported the Bush tax cut.
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I'll stand with President Bush on national security, the war on terrorism and to disarm Saddam Hussein.
I appreciate your concerns, and we have to be cautious and deliberate; however, I do agree with President Bush that Saddam has got to go. He poses too much of a threat.

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I want to reiterate my support for President Bush's goals for regime change in Iraq.
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I have supported the President in his efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein. I think Iraq poses a threat to the region; he poses a threat to our interests both abroad and here at home. And, I think it is important for the President to build support among our allies, to build support at the UN for what he's doing, but that face is that Saddam Hussein over last 11 years has refused to obey 16 UN resolutions. He is a megalomaniac. He's been a threat to his own people. And we can't negotiate with him in the same way that we've been able to negotiate with the heads of other opposing nations.
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