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Jennifer Shahade

American chess Woman Grandmaster and writer.
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Jennifer Shahade
Iím only interested in playing competitively if thereís serious money on the line. I love playing, but at this point I need a concrete incentive to devote the time necessary to make that happen. If chess was my only love, Iíd do it in spite of the financial hurdles. But because I love so many other things, writing and editing in particular, it makes sense to me to focus on that now.
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I love chess, but it's the height of decadence.
The biggest challenge in a simul is finding the right shoes! I want to look good in front of fifty people, but really sneakers are the best bet. I try to finish a simul as quickly as possible and donít worry if I lose a game or two along the way. It becomes a manic workout. Iím literally running around playing moves as fast as my fingers and legs will go. My brain usually follows.
The simul is a great chess illusion. It makes the simul-giver seem like a genius, when really theyíre just speaking their language. Chessplayers rely so heavily on instincts developed from years of training and practice. Chess is not all about thinking, thereís a lot of feeling involved.

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Tournament chess is not relaxing. It's stressful, even if you win.
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