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Money Quotes - random

Tony Benn | Money Quotes
If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.
Albert Camus
Having money is a way of being free of money.
Cesare Pavese
Because, to despise money, one must have plenty of it.

James Richardson
I sell my time to get enough money to buy it back.
Henry Miller
I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.
Mark Twain | Money Quotes
The lack of money is the root of all evil.
Money is worthless unless some people have it and others do not.
Mignon McLaughlin
There are a handful of people whom money won't spoil, and we all count ourselves among them.
Jack Tatum
"Call me a queer. I'd rather hit than make love, money, or friends."
Bill Haywood
If one man has a dollar he didn't work for, some other man worked for a dollar he didn't get.
W. Mark Felt | Money Quotes
Follow the money.

Ihara Saikaku
If making money is a slow process, losing it is quickly done.
Another day another dollar.
Lil Wayne
If time is money, I'm an hour past paid.
Gene Simmons
"You can't buy love with money." Only a poor person says that.
Dorothy Parker | Money Quotes
If you want to know what the Lord God thinks of money, just look at those to whom he gives it.
Neil Simon
Money brings some happiness. But after a certain point, it just brings more money.
Marlon Brando
The principal benefit acting has afforded me is the money to pay for my psychoanalysis.
William Saroyan
I loved the theaters, and even though I was hungry, I never spent money for food.
Oscar Wilde
No gentleman ever has any money.

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