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Money Quotes - random

Jews talk a lot about God. But actually their god, just like Marx said, is money. Cash!
Robert Burton
[The rich] are indeed rather possessed by their money than possessors.
Timothy Geithner
We believe in a strong dollar ... Chinese financial assets are very safe.

Mike Tyson
"Iím just trying to change my life because Iím not above killing any drug dealer for money."
Murray Rothbard
It doesn't matter what the supply of money is.
Lil Wayne | Money Quotes
Big money for the grill, so I'm never cheap talking.
Russell Conwell
To make money honestly is to preach the gospel.
Ozzy Osbourne
I live in a 9 million dollar turd.
John Avanzini
Jesus was handling big money.
Andy Kessler (author)
You can't ever forget how precarious and humbling running money really is.
John McCain | Money Quotes
The first telephones cost a thousand dollars and they were about that big! We all remember that!

Words are like money; there is nothing so useless, unless when in actual use.
Peter Schiff
If Enron had been forced to pay cash dividends, it could never have pulled that caper off!
Lil Wayne
Money on my mind, Money money on my mental.
Thomas Jefferson
Paper is poverty,... it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.
Hedy Lamarr | Money Quotes
I win because I learned years ago that scared money always loses. I never care, so I win.
Ted Haggard
I think I know what you did last night. If you send me a thousand dollars, I won't tell your wife.
Kazuo Hirai
"The PLAYSTATION3 will retail for Five-Hundred-Ninety-Nine US Dollars."
John Henry Holland
The measure of performance of any given agent is the amount of money it accumulates through its actions.
Rem Koolhaas
No money, no details. Just concepts.

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