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Jaani Peuhu

Jaani Peuhu is the front man and founder of the Finnish band Iconcrash.
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Jaani Peuhu
Although it must be said it would be really nice if people listened to us because they like our music and not because we come from Finland.
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Today we play guitar. We shall not speak or write. We just play and maybe drink some blood of virgins.
When I was four years old I said I will be a musician and that was pretty much it.

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I am not sure if I have heard a description of my music that would have been 100% accurate. I just make the kind of music I like myself, it is up to other people to find words that describe it.
Peuhu Jaani
Homosexual music for catholic girls.
Jaani Peuhu quotes
"Nude" is about an relationship I was in during that period and there is a joyful beginning and creepy end yeah life can be cruel, but god dammit how I love to write when my life is miserable.
Jaani Peuhu
... others have called it as darkpop or something similar, and I can live with that.
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