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Miles Davis (1926 – 1991)

American jazz musician.
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Miles Davis
Is that what you wanted, Alfred?
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For me, music and life are all about style.
I've changed music four or five times. What have you done of any importance other than be white?

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(Bill Evans talking about Miles Davis's change of style to jazz fusion) I would like to hear more of the consummate melodic master, but I feel that big business and his record company have had a corrupting influence on his material. The rock and pop thing certainly draws a wider audience. It happens more and more these days, that unqualified people with executive positions try to tell musicians what is good and what is bad music. Itís tempting for the musican to prejudice his own views when recording opportunities are so infrequent but I for one am determined to resist the temptation.
Davis Miles
The music has gotten thick. Guys give me tunes and they're full of chords. I can't play them...I think a movement in jazz is beginning away from the conventional string of chords, and a return to emphasis on melodic rather than harmonic variation. There will be fewer chords but infinite possibilities as to what to do with them.
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