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George Ohsawa (1893 – 1966)

Born Yukikazu Sakurazawa, was the founder of the Macrobiotic diet and philosophy.
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George Ohsawa
Chewing transforms even toxins into nutritive substances.
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His writing on diet was written with the French in mind. Ohsawa had observed that no matter how limited he made his dietary suggestions, the French always cheated and ate a broader range of foods. Thus, he made a dietary suggestion of brown rice, gomashio (sesame salt), and a little bancha tea only. This diet became known as diet number seven and was to be used for short times as with a fast. When this diet was brought to the United States, however, Americans were able to follow it without cheating and for long and, at times, dangerous periods of time.
Sickness is the first warning that we have made a wrong judgement. A healthy person is never unhappy."

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"You are what you eat." Nothing else. Never. If you are nourished with cow's milk and later with herbs, you'll become someone whose whole life is good only for being exploited by others.
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He who thinks that macrobiotic living is merely a cure for physical ailments, however, can never rea be helped. It is not a new medicine to stop pain or suffering, but rather a teaching that goes to the source of pain and eradicates it.
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Macrobiotic living is the process of changing ourselves so that we can eat anything we like without fear of becoming ill; it enables us to live a joyful life during which we can achieve anything we choose."
George Ohsawa
Ohsawa liked to shock people in order to move them to action. Thus, his writing can be extreme at times.
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