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Business Quotes - random

Jamie Zawinski | Business Quotes
There is a lot of money to be made in the business of secrets, of course.
Richard Roth
We're in the business of designing buildings for businessmen who put up buildings for other businessmen.
Richard Fuller (minister)
Your salvation is His business; make His service your business and delight.

John Searle
My car and my adding machine understand nothing: they are not in that line of business.
Elvis Presley
Elvis changed the country music scene quite a bit; he almost put country music out of business.
Abraham Polonsky | Business Quotes
What do you mean "gangsters"? It's business.
John Lancaster Spalding
It is the business of the teacher ... to fortify reason and to make conscience sovereign.
Izaak Walton
I have laid aside business, and gone a-fishing.
Henry S. Haskins
The man who has a dogmatic creed has more time left for his business.
Ted Malloch
Profitability is the consequence of doing business in the right way, to honor God.
Thomas Jefferson | Business Quotes
That one hundred and fifty lawyers should do business together ought not to be expected.

Bud Selig
The one thing we know today is we can't continue to do business the way we have in the past.
Madonna Ciccone
Randy Jackson: "Madonna knows the business and her art better than anyone."
Leo Burnett
I am often asked how I got into the business. I didn't. The business got into me.
Patrick Dixon
Business strategy is the battleplan for a better future.
Steve Jobs | Business Quotes
They're babes in the woods. I think I can help turn Alvy and Ed into businessmen.
Paul Wolfowitz
Firing employees, that's unfortunately a part of doing business.
Benjamin Graham
Investment is most intelligent when it is most businesslike.
Frank Zappa
The rock and roll business is pretty absurd, but the world of serious music is much worse.
Tom Clancy
I'm a spy... I worked for the CIA 15 years. The cover was I worked for the insurance business.

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