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Business Quotes - random

Richard Branson | Business Quotes
One thing is certain in business. You and everyone around you will make mistakes.
Paul Wolfowitz
Firing employees, that's unfortunately a part of doing business.
Leo Burnett
I am often asked how I got into the business. I didn't. The business got into me.

Aaron Burr
The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business.
Bill Watterson
Such is American business, I guess, where the desire for obscene profit mutes any discussion of conscience.
Bud Selig | Business Quotes
The one thing we know today is we can't continue to do business the way we have in the past.
Ted Malloch
Three cardinal virtues of business: creativity, building community, practical realism.
Kirstie Alley
You are not in business to be popular.
Barack Obama
I do not want to see BP nickel and diming these businesses that are having a tough time.
Walter Scott
Women are but the toys which amuse our lighter hours-ambition is the serious business of life.
Henry Ford | Business Quotes
A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

William Butler Yeats
The only business of the head in the world is to bow a ceaseless obeisance to the heart.
Theognis of Megara
One finds many companions for food and drink, but in a serious business a man's companions are few.
James Elroy Flecker
The poet's business is not to save the soul of man but to make it worth saving.
John Kenneth Galbraith
A businessman who reads Business Week is lost to fame. One who reads Proust is marked for greatness.
Jerry Brown | Business Quotes
The war on drugs is really no war at all it's a business!
Abraham Polonsky
What do you mean "gangsters"? It's business.
Tom Clancy
I'm a spy... I worked for the CIA 15 years. The cover was I worked for the insurance business.
Thomas Parnell
Remote from man, with God he passed the days;
Prayer all his business, all his pleasure praise.
Steve Jobs
They're babes in the woods. I think I can help turn Alvy and Ed into businessmen.

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