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Byron Katie | Business Quotes
I could find only three kinds of business in the world—mine, yours, and God’s. Whose business are you in?
Michael Jackson
From the beginning of my career, he was my idol in show business. He was a genius and an incredible artist!
Peter F. Drucker
There is a point of complexity beyond which a business is no longer manageable.

Kirstie Alley
You are not in business to be popular.
Franklin Pierce Adams
Christmas is over and Business is Business.
Ted Malloch | Business Quotes
Business is the real test of the moral life.
Keith Ferrazzi
People who instinctively establish a strong network of relationships have always created great businesses.
Maurice Duplessis
If I never read a business page, my admiration for him would be complete.
Michael Parenti
Actually, the New Deal's central dedication was to business recovery rather than social reform.
Akio Morita
In all my years in business I can recall very few people I have wanted to fire for making mistakes.
Oscar Wilde | Business Quotes
My own business always bores me to death. I prefer other people's.

Arthur Schopenhauer
Life is a business that does not cover the costs.
Thomas Eakins
In pursuance of my business and professional studies, I use the naked model.
Colley Cibber
This business will never hold water.
George Moore
Self is man's main business; all outside of self is uncertain, all comes from self, all returns to self.
Charles Dickens | Business Quotes
The one great principle of the English law is, to make business for itself.
Bud Selig
The one thing we know today is we can't continue to do business the way we have in the past.
Fred Astaire
No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.
Elbert Hubbard
There is no such thing as success in a bad business.
Little Richard
Little Richard was a one-of-a-kind show business genius. He influenced so many people in the business.

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