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Jon Voight

American film and television actor.
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Jon Voight
I'm here to validate all the millions of people who are opposed to the Obama healthcare. We're witnessing a slow and steady takeover of our true freedoms. We're becoming a socialist nation, and Obama is causing civil unrest in this country... The stimulus didn't work.... We're being told what cars we can drive, how much we can make.... Obama has made this [healthcare] a personal crusade now.... As we can see it really is about him. He is arrogant and he's adamant that he's going to get this passed.... He's trying everything, even the so-called God card. If you love God, he tells us, then it's your duty to vote this healthcare bill in.... They're taking away God's first gift to man. Our free will.
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I’m still just reveling that someone from Hollywood made a speech like that. I hope you’re going to be able to find work after this. I really enjoyed that.
Well what happened was I was asked to be on Seinfeld. They said: “Would you do a Seinfeld?” And I said, and I just happened to know to see a few Seinfelds and I knew these guys were really tops; they were really, really clever guys, and I liked the show. And so I said “Sure!” and I thought they would ask me to do a walk-on, the way it came: "Would you come be part of the show?" And I said “Yeah, sure I’ll do it.” You know what I mean? Then I got the script and my name was on every page because it was about my car. And I laughed; it was hysterically funny. So I was really delighted to do it. The writer came up to me and he said “Jon, would you come take a look at my car to see if you ever owned it?”, because the writer wrote it from a real experience where someone sold him the car based on the fact that it was my car. And I went down and I looked at the car and I said “No, I never had this car.” So unfortunately I had to give him the bad news. But it was a funny episode.

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I always knew [Jon] Voight was nuts. I told Jane Fonda that years ago when they were doing Coming Home together. Assured her he was a whole lot crazier than Bruce Dern. Should give her call now, see if she agrees with me after that performance of his.
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I'm honored to be at the side of Michele Bachmann. She is a great congresswoman. She is a great human being, and she is a true American patriot.
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And they — what I hear, you know, talking about our president. When I hear people saying quite unthinkable things about our president, when I see our president defaced, which is defacing our country. He's the leader of our country. He's the leader of the free world. It — my heart is very heavy.
Jon Voight
I would love to have us all psychologically evaluated and let a court decide. If he was not a celebrity, everybody would think he was a crazy father of an actress, but he somehow has them saying, "We know this man, we've seen him in films, he can't be crazy."
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