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Georg Von Bekesy (1899 – 1972)

Hungarian biophysicist born in Budapest.
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Georg Von Bekesy
Too much equipment can be, however, something that hampers scientific development. I had the feeling that if there is no equipment present, everybody is forced to simplify his ideas in such a way that the experiments become simple. If there is too much equipment available, he can attack any experiment immediately since all the difficulties will be overcome by putting more money in the equipment. In the long run, some of the equipment becomes so complicated that it is difficult to see how all the parts interact.
Von Bekesy quotes
If we want to make a discovery, we have to take a risk, since everything new was discovered by accident or by the fact that somebody took a chance and went ahead when there wasn't 100 percent safety for the solution.
Von Bekesy
It is not the things that we have, but how we use them that is important.

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