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Kliment Voroshilov (1881 – 1969)

Also known as Klim Voroshilov, was a Soviet military commander and politician.
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Kliment Voroshilov
It's a bad business. There is no firm front. We have separate strongpoints in which our units are holding off the attacks of superior enemy forces. Communications with them are weak.
Voroshilov quotes
Voroshilov was a hard-riding, hard-drinking military crony of civil-war days.
Whoever can lift a rifle, should have one.

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It was necessary to close the front against Germany and that it (victory) depended on us whether it was to be closed or not.
Voroshilov Kliment
The Soviet Union, true to the Leninist principles of respect for the rights and national independence of all peoples great or small, has always been and is guided in its relations with other countries by the principles of mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty, non-aggression, non-intervention in each other's internal affairs, equality and mutual benefits, peaceful coexistence and economic cooperation.
Kliment Voroshilov quotes
Voroshilov was a striking figure, with a great deal of influence among the workers, so that the degree of influence of the committee on the workers and its success as regards recruitment depended primarily on him.
Kliment Voroshilov
I personally believe that war is highly unlikely.
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